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Power Up Passages

Don't Be Guilty Of Short Changing Yourself.
November 24, 2002.

We all know people who regularly sell themselves short in one fashion or another all of the time. These folks never seem to give themselves enough credit or somehow refuse to believe they have the ability to get the job done. These people, by placing limitations on themselves and their abilities, are guilty of short changing themselves. In all probability, you have short changed yourself from time to time too. As a matter of fact, we all do at one time or another.

I will wager that all sorts of people have short changed you and your abilities on more than one occasion as well. It’s really not all that surprising – or uncommon for that matter. People constantly short change the abilities, dreams and aspirations of others on a daily basis. But in order for you to fulfill your date with destiny, you can ill afford to allow others that kind of power – or should I more correctly say that knid of negative influence – over you.

It is essential that you develop a deep seated belief in yourself. After all, if you don't believe in yourself, who else will or, for that matter, should? Positive powered self belief is essential to bring out your very best.

You must also have faith in your God given abilities. Since God has placed His abiding faith in us, should we not have faith in ourselves as well? Absolutely.

This abiding faith will provide us the indispensable strength we so desperately need to persevere in our darkest hours. Even at those times when others have given up or thrown in the towel, our deep-seated faith in ourselves and in our abilities will ultimately shine a beacon of hope that will light our way.

Hey, a winner will fall down every once in a while, but there is no disgrace in falling down when you’re giving your very best effort.

A winner will make mistakes every now and again. In fact, a winner makes more mistakes in a week than a would-be winner makes in a year. But so what? There is no shame in making mistakes as long as you persistently look for a better, faster and smarter way to do it the next time around. A winner is committed to finding the ‘good’ in every bad and making the most of every opportunity.

And a winner will lose on occasion – but a winner will never stop until that winner gets it right and ultimately comes out on top. Champions are made from within – and it all starts by believing in yourself.

You can accomplish anything you have ever dreamed of doing when (not "if") you believe you can. Never forget, especially at those troubling times when others have given up on you, that you have what it takes. When you set your mind to doing something really spectacular and then commit your heart and soul to completing that task, there is absolutely nothing on earth that can stop you from turning that dream into reality.

Your life will get better the moment you get better, so why would you ever wait around and risk the possibility of short changing yourself? A winner would never take that risk – and neither can you.

Here’s wishing you a day that you will cherish forever.



To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all. But to believe in the unseen is both a triumph and a blessing.
Bob Proctor


The Power Up Passage is brought to you each weekday by The Motivational and Inspirational Corner.

Author: Greg Hickman


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