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Power Up Passages

Committed To The Cause.
November 12, 2002.

We hear the word "commitment" tossed about in all sorts of ways these days. But what exactly does the word mean these days? Additionally, how good are people nowadays at honoring the commitments they make to others?

Throughout our lives we will enter into all sorts of commitments. These commitments literally run the gamut, from those very formal in nature to the more casual varieties. It is unfortunate that when some people give their word to someone else, their commitment to keeping their word means little or nothing to them and even less to those it was given.

In the hustle and bustle of today's fast paced society, many people have sadly forsaken their good name and reputation in their relentless pursuit of the almighty dollar. Lying, cheating and stealing are accepted by some as "part of the game" these days. These people do not have a clue what the word commitment means. Then there are other folks who tend to loosely commit to things, leaving the door wide open for them to back out should things not work out as hoped. They're willing to give it a try but you shouldn't hold it against them when they quit or give up, which they invariably do. Good grief.

These "conditional commitments" are worthless and, in reality, are not commitments at all. Nobody can count on these people to do anything they say they will do, not even themselves.

Not surprisingly, the real winners take a totally different approach. Whenever a winner commits to doing something, you can take his or her pledge to the bank. A winner's word is literally his or her bond. Since winners are committed to excellence in their every day action, they back up their commitments with resolute determination and decisive action. No backing down, no backing up. A winner would never compromise his or her integrity no matter the situation or circumstance, since his or her good name and reputation are precious possessions and are worth more than all the money in the world.

Winners are known for keeping their word and, even more importantly, keeping their word good. Whenever you receive a commitment from a winner, that's as good as it gets. It is very reassuring to know, I mean really know, that you can count on the winner to do whatever he or she promised to do.

What about you? Can people count on you to do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it? Is your word as good as it gets; in fact, as good as gold?

It is very important that you stand behind the commitments you make. Remember that whenever and wherever you make a commitment, you have solemnly given your word that you will "get the job done" – no matter what. There will be no excuses offered, no quitting accepted and no compromising contemplated. You just go out and do what you said you will do and you do it right now.

You want to be known for keeping your word, your commitments and your promises, don’t you?



Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.
Booker T. Washington


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Author: Greg Hickman


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