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Power Up Passages

Winning On Purpose.
November 11, 2002.

The winning strategy of top achieving individuals can be summed up rather succinctly. They want to win each and every time out but also want everyone else around them to win at the same time. These champions will never endorse the short sighted notion that there has to be winners and losers in life. They believe that each of us was put here to win and that there is more than enough winning to go around.

By the same token, winners have precious little tolerance for people who constantly display a negative approach to life. They resolutely refuse to allow people with defeatist or negative attitudes to drag them down or keep them from winning. In fact, they avoid these 'Negative Nell' types like the plague. These winners play with desire and passion and most of all, they always play to win. In short, these people win “on purpose”.

We need to win on purpose – and with purpose as well. Think about it for a moment. Without purpose, our lives would have little or no meaning. Without purpose, our lives would be devoid of scope or direction. Without purpose, our lives would lack the fun, happiness and fulfillment we desperately need to feel each and every day. Every winner who has walked the face of this earth had a purpose and you and I are certainly no exceptions.

Each and every person's specific purpose on earth is unique. Their special purpose excites them from the top of their heads down to the end of their toes. Their purpose drives them to do their best and then do even better. Their purpose motivates them to stretch out and reach new heights they never thought possible … and then stretch a little farther. You could even say that winners win "on purpose".

What about you? What excites you, drives you and really gets your motor running? What motivates you? What makes you happy? Are you winning on purpose - and with purpose as well? When you honestly and candidly look deep inside of yourself for the answers to these probing questions, you will uncover your real purpose in life; your reason for being.

Once you have identified your real purpose and begin playing to win on purpose as well, nothing can ever stop you or hold you back again. You will find yourself embracing life as never before, with more energy, vitality and fervor than you have ever previously known. You'll feel as though you are on a mission, relishing every moment of every day.

You will discover that it is easy to play the game of life on your terms when you have a reason, or should I say a purpose, to play. All winners win on purpose and so should you.

Here's wishing you power packed day!



Where your talents and the needs of the world cross lies your calling.


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Author: Greg Hickman


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