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Power Up Passages

Off The Wall.

Brought to you by
The Power Performance Program ©




March 16, 2011

"Every wall is a door." Ralph Waldo Emerson

There's only one thing standing between the life you desire and the life you're living today. And that one thing is a wall.

You know the WALL. It's the barrier that's holding you back. It's the obstruction standing between you and what you want to achieve. It's the impediment that separates where you are from where are you now and where want to go. It's the obstacle in your way.

It might be a person. It might be a thing. It might even be a fear or a phobia. Sometimes you build the wall. Sometimes the wall is built around you.

But one thing is for certain. It's there. It's in your way. And it's not going anywhere unless you do something about it. If you don't conquer the wall - and conquer it now - the wall will conquer you.

"If there's a wall to break down, break it down." Donny Osmond

What walls have you built in your life? What walls are impeding your progress, stifling your dreams and holding you back right now?

What have these walls cost you in your personal life, in your professional life; in just about every aspect of your life? How many times have they held you back? How many times have they let you down? How many times have they prevented you from living the life you desire?

What are you doing about the walls in your life?

"The best way out is always through." Robert Frost

There are only four ways to conquer a wall.

CHOICE #1: Climb over the wall.
This is by no means an easy task. After all, the wall in all likelihood been built over the years. It may be steep. It may be slick. It may be way too high to scale.

CHOICE #2: Go around the wall.
This path takes way too long. After all, you have to go out of your way to get back on track. Not to mention the fact that this choice can be very unpredictable.

CHOICE #3: Go under the wall.
This alternative is very time consuming. It is energy draining. And like the second choice, you never know what you're going to run into along the way.

The biggest problem with any of the first three alternatives is obvious: the wall is still standing. It's still there. Even if you somehow manage to go over, around or under the wall this time around, sooner or later the wall is going to be in your way once again.

I like CHOICE #4 the best, which is BLAST RIGHT THROUGH THE WALL! That's right! I fervently believe that the best way to conquer a wall is to smash right through; clobber it like a runaway bulldozer.

"Have a determination that is strong enough to move walls." Aaron Feuerstein

When you muster the courage to blast through the wall, you will discover something you weren't expecting; that the wall isn't all that strong, isn't all that tough. It's just a false wall you have constructed in your mind. Truth be told, it's a weak, flimsy, feeble wall that cannot stop you or your indomitable will. You heard me right. It CANNOT stop you.

Oh sure, the wall may look imposing. It's not.
The wall may appear foreboding. It's not.
The wall may seem too big, too high, and too tough for you to conquer. It's not, not, not.

The wall is not the big, bad, nasty monster you have concocted. It has no foundation. It has no base, no underpinning; no support whatsoever. It's little more than a brittle façade, a thin veneer, just all show and nothing else. And it's waiting to fall. You just need to give it a push.

So give it a push.

In your mind, I want you to pick out a wall that been holding you back. Next, I want you to paint a big, can't miss bull's-eye target on the wall. Got the picture? OK, now I want you to see yourself moving towards the wall. Feel yourself getting up a good head of steam. Imagine yourself blasting through the wall once and for all, smashing right through it; crushing the wall into a million meaningless pieces.

Feels good, doesn't it? You bet it does! Then why don't you go ahead and smash through each and every wall in your life? Knock each one down; knock them down good and hard. When you finally get around to knocking down all of these walls that have held you back, you will discover that there is nothing you cannot do.

Power Pointer: Nothing can hold you back but you.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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