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Power Up Passages

Sorry Charlie.

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August 22, 2010.

"Feeling sorry for yourself, and you present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have." Dale Carnegie

We live in a world where things go wrong, where problems and adversity confront us daily. That means challenging choices and demanding decisions have to be made each and every day. Regardless of how hard we work and how hard we try, we're never going to make the right call 100% of the time. None of us is perfect and none of us gets it right every time.

We make bad decisions on occasion. We make bad choices every now and then. And when things start to unravel it's easy to get down and start feeling sorry for ourselves. Let's be honest; life isn't always a bowl of cherries. As a matter of fact, life can be downright difficult.

But let's get one thing straight right now; life is not picking on you. Life is just being life. And sometimes life is tougher than tough. And it takes toughness and tenacity to overcome the obstacles life presents.

"You can choose to feel sorry for yourself - or you can choose to feel great." Greg Hickman

We have all felt sorry for ourselves on occasion. Come on, 'fess up; you have broken out the old crying towel more than a few times, haven't you? There's a tendency to feel sorry for ourselves when things don't go our way. We start thinking it's not fair, it's not our fault, and start believing that everyone is picking on us. We start saying we dont get the breaks others do, that nothing ever seems to go our way. We start wondering how in the world all of this bad stuff can be happening to us.

Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo, cry me a river.

Hey, it's not the world's fault if we don't like where we are - or what we have. And it's not our friends, family or acquaintances' fault either. Wherever we are, whatever we have in life is the direct result of our actions. That's right; if it's anyone's fault (better hold on, this is going to hurt), it's ours and our alone. Ouch.

We are solely responsible for what we say, think and do - and where we are today. If we don't like where we are, we need to move. If we don't like how we feel, we need to change things around. If things are going to get better, we have to make them better ourselves.

"Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world." Helen Keller

Sitting around moping and pouting about our lousy lot in life isn't going to cut it. When it comes to getting our breaks in life, we have to make them. Then take them. We need to go get whatever it is we want in life. And that means we need to stop making excuses - and start making things happen.

Look, we can feel bad about where we are. And we can feel lousy about where we're going. We can even feel rotten about the steps we have taken to date. But getting all caught up in a pity party isn't going to make things one bit better, is it? The only way to make things better is to get better ourselves. And there's no better time or place to get started than right here and right now.

"There are few human emotions as warm, comforting, and enveloping as self-pity. And nothing is more corrosive and destructive. There is only one answer; turn away from it and move on." Megan Reik

God has graced us with the capacity to take our lives to any level we choose, he has blessed us with the ability to take a bad hand and make it better. Since we are only granted so much time in our days, why would we ever choose to waste one minute feeling sorry for ourselves? Especially when there is so much to be thankful about? We shouldn't - and hopefully we won't.

Let's take what we have - and make it better. And make ourselves better along the way. When things go wrong, let's make certain we don't go with them. When we make mistakes, we need to shake them off and keep moving in the direction of our dreams. Rather than focusing on the bad, we need to see ourselves doing better, getting more done and enjoying more success. As Joel Osteen says, "We need to stop being a victim and start being a victor."

And start being that victor TODAY!

The Bottom Line: Don't feel sorry, feel great.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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