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Power Up Passages

Rejection Slip.

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August 10, 2010.

"If you want a place in the sun, you've got to expect a few blisters." Abigail Van Buren

We all know the pain of rejection. We've felt the sorrow, the sadness, the bitter sting of rejection; some of us more than others. And it's never a good feeling. When people reject what we say, think or do, regardless of whether it's personal or business in nature, it hurts. Flat out hurts as a matter of fact.

Rejection comes in a variety of packages. Sometimes it comes roaring right at us, direct and to the point, cutting us to the bone. On other occasions, rejection is a bit more discreet, a little more diplomatic. Yet it hurts us just the same.

Rejection can cause us to question our abilities, our self-worth and even our values. It can undermine our confidence and overwhelm our senses. It can make us wonder if we truly have what it takes to get the job done. Yet, like it or not (and there's not a whole lot to like), rejection is a part of life. And we must learn how to deal with it.

"I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat." Sylvester Stallone

Let's face it; nobody likes getting raked over the coals. Or be on the receiving end of cutting criticism or snide remarks. There are few feelings worse than giving our best only to be told that our best wasn't good enough. But it happens. No matter how hard we work, regardless of how much energy and effort we put forth, we're going to encounter rejection.

Rejection by the boatload.

There's never a shortage of people willing to reject just about everything we do. These naysayers will rebuff our work, reject our effort and ridicule our every move. They'll snub, scorn and spurn us. And constantly remind us that we're not good enough, not smart enough and not all sorts of things.

Fearing we're not up to their standards, seeds of doubt and despair begin to sink in. As the potshots continue, we start feeling a little self-conscious, embarrassed, and perhaps a bit humiliated as well. We begin to wonder if we really have what it takes after all. And we want to crawl into a hole and hide.

That is, of course, if we allow these detractors to get under our skin.

"I took rejection and turned it into direction." Sally Jessy Raphael

Rather than give our critics an opportunity to reject or steamroll us, why don't we just reject them instead? Reject them completely. Tune them out and ignore anything negative they have to say. Give them the brush off, the old cold shoulder.

Instead of listening to the cynics, we should follow the example of the world's greatest success stories. A quick glance at the history books unveils countless individuals who accomplished an array of amazing things. Despite being rejected by their peers. Despite being told that couldn't cut it. Despite being told they were not good enough, that they couldn't pass the muster.

These winners received more criticism in one day than most people encounter in a lifetime. Yet these achievers never allowed rejection to deter their trek to the top. They used rejection as a stepping stone.

And so should you.

"We keep going back, stronger, not weaker, because we will not allow rejection to beat us down. It will only strengthen our resolve. To be successful there is no other way." Earl G. Graves

The most accomplished writers, sales people, actors, athletes and the like have one thing in common. They all have rejection on their resumes. In BIG BOLD print. As a matter of fact, just about everyone who has ever made any kind of lasting impression has experienced a healthy dose of rejection in their lives.

But here's the key: they never allowed rejection to have the final say.

Just like the best that have ever graced this earth, you need to use rejection as a motivator. Instead of allowing rejection to get you down, use it to light your fire, to get you going, to propel you to untold heights. Toss rejection aside and keep moving in the direction of your dreams... boldly, confidently, fearlessly.

If you get turned down, turn it up a notch. When you're told you're not good enough, vow to get better. And keep showing the world what you're all about. When you refuse to allow rejection to stand in your way, you'll get where you want to go. And best of all, you'll shut the critics up once and for all.

The Bottom Line: Don't listen to what others say you cannot do. Listen to your heart.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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