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Power Up Passages

Effort Beats Excuses Every Day.
November 1, 2002.

If we have one self destructive habit that stands head and shoulders above all of our other bad habits, it is our propensity for proffering an endless string of excuses for just about everything that doesn't go our way. Unfortunately, we have gotten really good at making up all sorts of excuses for anything and everything we don't have or don't do.

We make excuses for not doing this and make excuses for forgetting about that. In fact, we make so many excuses and do it so often that most of the time we do not even realize when we are making them anymore. It has become increasingly easy for us to concoct a convenient excuse for any failure, shortcoming or lackadaisical effort we put forth. People from all walks of life seem more comfortable providing reasons why it "can't" be done or explanations why they didn't do it. What in the heck is going on here? You and I have got to get out of this excuse making mode.

There is little doubt that we can do better. In fact, we can do a lot better. You must refuse to allow yourself to fall into the treacherous trap of tossing out one excuse after another. Wouldn’t you much prefer being out there making things happen than spending even one precious second making excuses? Winners prefer effort over excuses every day of the week.

America got where it is today because of its "CAN DO ATTITUDE". The winners who helped shape our country's illustrious history believed they could do it and then went out and did it time and time again. Can you imagine, even for a moment, where we would be today if our ancestors had copped an "I can't" attitude?

What kind of country would America be today if our forefathers were willing to substitute excuses in place of effort, especially when the going got tough? Would we enjoy the freedom we basically take for granted today? Would we still have become the greatest country in the world if our predecessors had been a bunch of slackers? I think you know the answers to those questions.

You and I have got to STOP making excuses and start making decisions. We need to STOP whining and moaning and groaning about the things we don’t have and instead just go out and do our best daily. We will find that when we stop making excuses, we'll START making good things happen. We will discover that putting forth the required effort is a lot easier than coming up with a new excuse each and every time – and will also produce much better results.

When we stop making excuses once and for all, we will find out that effort beats excuses every day of the week.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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