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Power Up Passages

Throwing A Block Party.

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The Power Performance Program ©




April 13, 2010.

"When you come to a roadblock, take a detour." Mary Kay Ash

Sometimes life moves pretty fast. And sometimes it moves like a runaway freight train. On any given day, there are things we need to do. And places we need to be. Lots of things, lots of places - and so little time to get it all done.

When things are really moving, when there's just too much coming at us way too fast, our minds can sometimes feel like they're about to explode. And it becomes practically impossible to process it all.

Not surprisingly, some things slip through the cracks. And some of this stuff is negative in nature. And this negative junk creates untold havoc in our lives.

"Mistakes are the portals of discovery." James Joyce

At any given time, there's an endless array of negative clutter lurking inside our heads. We are tormented with thoughts of disappointment and regret, troubled by past failures. And we're plagued with feelings of self-pity and guilt.

There are things we wished we had done, and things we wished we hadn't; tragic moments we wish we could somehow go back and do over. And some we wish we could erase altogether.

There are experiences that continue to bother us, events that trouble us to this very day. So we relive the bad moments and bad feelings, playing them over and over again in our heads. As if trapped with no way out, these negative feelings swirl around and around; constantly clouding our thinking and weakening our will.

We wish we could somehow block them out, get them out of our minds once and for all. And make them go away. Yet they linger - and they haunt us. And they don't want to let go.

"Out with the bad - and hang on to the good." Scott Hamilton

We know how the story goes. The minute things start to unravel, the moment the pressure ratchets up a notch or two, we revert to our prior conditioning. If we screwed things up before, we start thinking we're going to mess things up again. If we got it wrong in the past, we start worrying that we'll get it wrong once again. Instead of blocking out the past, it comes roaring full force right back at us. And it takes control.

Before we know it, we're knee deep in the same old funk.

How do we break this spell? How do we break away from our past? How do we escape this seemingly inescapable mess?

Thankfully, there is something we can do, something we can do right now. We just need to throw a good old fashioned BLOCK PARTY.

We need to BLOCK OUT previous mistakes and missteps, get them out of our minds. Since they're not doing us any favors, we need to get rid of them. And focus on getting it right this time around.

We need to BLOCK OUT the negative feelings of disappointment and failure we feel from time to time. And replace them with A positive, optimistic, 'I can do it' approach where we expect to succeed.

We need to BLOCK OUT the burdens, the pressures, the blame and shame we carry. And look for the good all around us. Then get busy making things better.

"Find the good. It's all around you. Find it, showcase it, and you'll start believing in it." Jesse Owens

The key is to never live in the past. You need to put the past where it belongs - squarely in your rear view mirror. And then throw the mirror away.

Don't hang on to the mistakes you've made. Don't hold tight to your lousy decisions and choices. Don't worry about where you went wrong last week, last month or last year - or what might go wrong today or the day after. You need to block out the worries, block out the fears and block out the doubts. Just let them go. And let them go right now.

Zero in on where you want to go, what you need to do. Then make it happen.

The next time things start to fall apart at the seams, when those nasty old negative vibes start to set in, remember to BLOCK THEM OUT. Just like a giant solar eclipse, I want you to block them completely from your sight. Make them disappear. And don't give them a second thought. Then go find the good.

The sooner you get your block party started, the sooner you'll grab the life you deserve.

The Bottom Line: When you block out the bad, you open the door to the best life has to offer.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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