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Power Up Passages

A Big If.

Brought to you by
The Power Performance Program ©




April 1, 2010.

"A belief is like a guillotine; just as heavy, just as light." Franz Kafka

If I can just pay this bill, then...
If I can just make my car payment (or house payment, rent payment, etc.), then...
If I can just make it to the end of the month, then...

Then what?

Then you get to start the process all over again; making the same mistakes, digging yourself the same hole? And start worrying yourself sick once more? Sure sounds like a winning game plan, doesn't it?

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As crazy as it sounds, many of us replicate this routine month after month, constantly scraping, scratching and scrounging just to barely squeak by. If you've ever been there (and most of us have at one time or another), you know it's not a whole lot of fun struggling to make ends meet. In fact, it's one horrible, dreadful, stressful feeling.

So why do so many people keep following these same footsteps? Why do they constantly live hand to mouth day after day, consistently settling for so little when they could have so much more?

Why do they 'if' their lives away?

Maybe they're so busy trying to keep their heads above water to notice the water is only three feet deep. Perhaps they're so concerned about making do, getting by or getting over the hump they never realize they could do so much better.

For those reasons or maybe a thousand more, these good folks needlessly settle for crumbs when they could have the whole loaf.

"Perhaps I am stronger than I think." Thomas Merton

Rather than seeing the opportunity that surrounds them, they keep staring at what they don't have. Instead of making something happen, they concentrate on what they can't do. With their vision clouded by shortcomings and limitations, they're seemingly incapable of seeing what they should do.

And if somehow, someway, by some miracle they manage to break even this time around, it's just about a surefire cinch they're going to start the same old rigmarole all over again.

You cannot afford to make this mistake.

Even if your life has been one big if followed by another, you can still climb off the merry-go-round and start making some serious headway in the direction of your hopes and aspirations.

You can start having the things you want... when you want to do so. You can start doing the things you desire... when you want to do so. You can start living the life you love... when you want to do so.

Come on now, are you going to let a bunch of little ifs stand in your way?

"For the resolute and determined there is time and opportunity." Ralph Waldo Emerson

You need to get rid of the ifs in your life. The ones that have held you down. The ones that have stymied your growth. The ones that have kept you running in place for years on end. And replace them with a powerful, definitive, take-no-prisoners, I will get it done WHEN.

Instead of saying, "If I get the money to pay this bill," start saying, "I'm going to get the money and I'm going to pay this bill. And all of the other bills as well." And don't just say it, believe it. Believe it with your heart and soul. And then show some hustle and get to work.

By changing your thinking, you start changing your results. When you start believing, and I mean really believing you will have the money (or whatever you desire in life) and are willing to work to get it (the key component in any kind of success), things will start to change. And change for the better.

Instead of hoping to make it until the end of the month, why not make the most of the rest of the month and see what you can accomplish? Rather than sitting around worrying about how low you have sunk, why don't you give life your very best shot and see where it takes you?

When you stop selling yourself short, stop settling for less than you deserve and stop allowing if to stand in your way, you'll start setting the world on fire.

The Bottom Line: Determine what you want in life. Resolve you will have it. Then go get it. Now.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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