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Power Up Passages

Life Is Sometimes A Risky Business.
October 30, 2002.

We all know that if we truly want to make our lives better, we must be willing to change the ways we do things. But what happens when we actually lay it all on the line and then fall short or fail?

There is no question that the mere prospect of making mistakes or looking bad in front of others scares away a lot of would-be winners. They somehow convince themselves that it is a lot worse to lose than to not try at all. Instead of living the winning life they deserve, they acquiesce to a life of doing without – simply because they are scared to death of trying and failing. In their futile attempt to avoid pain, they encounter more agony and unhappiness than anyone should ever have to endure. Nobody deserves to live this way; certainly not an American made winner.

Sure, there are risks involved whenever you take a chance, but there are even more risks if you don't. Winners will never accept playing life close to the vest. They have learned through experience that they can overcome any potential risk by laying it all on the line and giving it everything they have. Their courage, commitment and conviction completely overpowers any obstacle they encounter.

What about you? Are you willing to say "YES!" to the winner inside you? Are you willing to lay it all on the line in order to live your life to its fullest? How will you ever know how good your life can be if you never show the courage to give it your very best shot? The greatest success stories of all time have always included an inordinate number of failures and setbacks. Winners have always taken more chances and as a result, have always suffered more losses than the also-rans. Yet these American made winners ultimately overcame each and every temporary defeat they suffered on their way to accomplishing some truly unbelievable feats.

A study was conducted a while back on both risk takers and those who had elected to play it safe. The first group of people were those individuals who had taken a chance and consequently lost it all chasing their dreams. What the researchers discovered about these risk takers amazed them. These individuals, who had been dealt a staggering setback when they lost everything they owned, were not ashamed of their temporary condition. They were glad they had taken a chance and were in fact quite proud of their efforts despite the disappointment. These winners continued to maintain a firm belief that it was just a matter of time before they turned this seemingly devastating experience into victory. Rather than quit, they were already back on the job working their revamped game plan.

The researchers discovered that nothing could ever keep these winners down for very long. On the other hand, the "play it safe" group exhibited an entirely different mindset. This group of would-be winners shared a depressed outlook on life, almost bordering on mourning. These folks had repeatedly refused to take any real chances throughout their lives and now feared it was too late to do so. They had never given the winner inside them a chance to win. They are the could have, should have, I wished I would have folks we see every day. These people have unfortunately discovered, through their refusal to take action, that the riskiest business of all is unfinished business.

Winners realize that the only way to finish the business at hand is to take a chance, to make a change and then to always finish what they start. Please remember that defeat is never permanent until you quit – and that winner inside you must never allow that to happen.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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