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Power Up Passages

Making Winning A Way Of Life.
October 29, 2002.

Have you ever met some individuals who have the rare knack of being "up" even when things are not going their way? Even when life deals them a really rotten hand, these unique winners remain happy and feeling great regardless of their situation or circumstance.

When they get knocked down, they get up with a smile on their face and vow to get better. Whenever they make a mistake, even a really big whopper of a goof up, they see the experience as invaluable on the job training. When someone lets them down, they still manage to see the good in that person. How in the world can these people stay so up when they should be so down? The reason is simple – these people have the right approach to life.

In fact, these winners carry that positive, upbeat attitude around with them at all times. As a result, they continue to win and move forward in spite of any problems, difficulties, obstacles and impediments tossed in their path. They have learned how to access that winning spirit they have on the inside and bring it to the table on the outside, where the action is happening. We want you to bring the winning attitude that you have deep down inside of yourself out as well.

Winning is an attitude. Unfortunately, so is losing. Your daily attitude is more important than your education, more important than the amount of money you have, even more important than the gifts or skills you possess. Your attitude will make you or it will break you. A winning, positive "I can do it" attitude is crucial for your long term success. When you approach a task believing it will be easy to accomplish, it will be a snap. Conversely, if you think you "can't" do something, it is a sure bet you will not get the job done. There’s no doubt about it, the attitude you carry around with you every day will determine the altitude you ultimately reach in your life.

The remarkable thing is that you and I have total, absolute control of the attitudes we choose every day of our lives. You and only you determine the type of attitude you embrace daily. Each day provides you yet another opportunity to select a positive, optimistic, enthusiastic attitude for that day. Winners are always the strong individuals who grab control of their attitudes and thereby take charge of their destinies. You hold a big time winner's attitude inside of you. You need to make sure that your winning attitude is transformed from the inside to the outside every day of your life – and make winning your way of life.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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