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Power Up Passages

Motivation Begins and Ends With 'Mo-tion'.
October 28, 2002.

While some folks seem happy to merely dream about great things and a fabulous future, the top performers busily convert their dreams into reality. These champions, building on the tremendous amount of momentum they have established through their regular regimen of positive conditioning, consistently take their lives to the next level. They have discovered that their motivation grows more forceful the very moment they put their plan into immediate action.

The best of the best feel a definitive need to put their plan into action right now, right this very minute. Sooner or later just won’t cut it with these winners. Putting things off or waiting for things to happen will drive a winner crazy. Winners realize that motivation begins and ends with ‘mo-tion’.

You too will discover how motion, motion and a lot more motion creates a heck of a lot of commotion. The more motion you are able to create and then sustain, the faster you will get where you want to go.

Just about everyone agrees that the biggest part of completing any task and fulfilling any dream is simply getting started. It is easy for the winners to get the ball rolling because they repeatedly envision meaningful goals that compel them to action. They see, touch and feel a super future in their minds and this uncanny ability to vividly visualize a compelling future drives them to action. They can barely wait to convert this sensory laden picture into every day action.

You can achieve any goal you desire when you a)visualize the big goal (only big goals fire you up and drive you to action), b) develop a game plan for obtaining the goal, c) put the game plan into action and d) commit to sticking with the game plan until you get the job done.

Winners get fired up, get out on the playing field, get themselves going and always get the job done. Motivation does indeed begin and end with mo-tion. So don’t just sit there, get into motion and start creating some commotion in your life. Why not start working on some really big, super exciting goals and commit to creating some commotion – right now?

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Author: Greg Hickman


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