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Power Up Passages

How About Now?

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January 15, 2009.

"Within today, tomorrow is already walking."
Samuel Coleridge

Who hasn't caught themselves reminiscing about the good old days on occasion? Almost every one of us drifts back in time every now and again. That's perfectly normal. But there are some of us who take it a bit too far, constantly clinging to the good old days a little too tightly; habitually thinking about and talking about things that happened a while back. Rather than focusing on what the future has in store for them, these folks stay stuck in the past, unable to let go.

There are others who refuse to turn the past loose for entirely different reasons. These individuals agonize over the prior mistakes and bad decisions they've made. Try as they might, they're never quite able to wash the tormenting memories of previous gaffes, blunders and missteps away. Instead of getting over their slip-ups and getting on down the road, their past chases them down as their present is pilfered away.

"Light tomorrow with today."
Elizabeth Barrett Browning

While I'll grant you that thinking about the good old days sure beats the heck out of dredging up the not-so-good, neither approach is likely to move any of us in the direction of our dreams.

Let's face it; whatever we've done in the past, good and bad alike, is done. And like it or not, it cannot be undone. Maybe relived, maybe remembered as well, but not undone. There's no time machine to climb aboard, no magic wand to wave. But so what? The reason it's called the past is because... it's the PAST. And that's where it needs to stay.

The only thing that counts, the only thing that matters is what we do with our lives from this moment on.

We can permit past mistakes to plague us forever. Or we can move on and make our lives all we have dreamed they could be and more. We can stay mired in the past or we can throw our entire heart and soul into the now and start living our lives with all of the passion, fervor and feeling we can muster. We can allow our thoughts to wander back to our glory days or we can set out to make today the best day of our lives.

"The word 'now' is like a bomb through the window, and it ticks."
Arthur Miller

In order to get our lives moving forward, we must first look forward. And that requires having something to look forward to. We need inspiring goals that get us going. Big goals, exciting goals, knock our socks off kind of goals that captivate our imagination and keep us going. We need to have dreams that are so rich, so vibrant and so alive that we can literally see them, feel them and taste them. And we need to get busy chasing those dreams.

Right now.

Thinking about the past won't get us closer to living our dreams. And dwelling on what went wrong long ago won't get us one inch closer to fulfilling our destiny. We need to focus everything we've got on the here and now. Right here, right where we are right now, is the right place to turn our lives around. Right now, right this instance, is the right time to seize control.

"Nothing is worth more than this day."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

How about you? Even more importantly, how about now?

Are you ready to seize the day and seize the moment at hand? Are you willing to lay it all on the line and give life your very best shot? Then step up and show the world some big-time now power; a roaring, relentless sense of urgency that cannot and will not wait. And show it right now.

Forget about yesterday. It's gone for good. And stop worrying about what tomorrow may bring. It'll get here soon enough. You just need to channel everything you've got into the only day that counts, the only day you'll ever have... today. And make it the best day ever.

The Bottom Line: Grab life with both hands and live it for all it's worth. Right now.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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