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Power Up Passages

Nothing To Worry About.

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December 3, 2008.

"Worry is the stomach's worst poison."
Alfred Nobel

If there's one thing most of us are quite good at doing, it's worrying. On any given day, we worry about our health, our family, our finances, the economy and all sorts of other things. As a matter of fact, there are very few things we don't worry about at one time or another.

We worry about how bad things might get. We worry about what might go wrong. Sometimes we even worry that we worry too much. But where does all of the anxiety, concern and fretfulness we frequently feel ever get us?

Nowhere, that's where. Yet we keep on worrying like it's going out of style.

Worry gives a small thing a big shadow.

So what's the deal? WHY do we worry so much? Well, for starters, worrying is easy. In fact, it is easier than easy. It doesn't take a whole lot of energy or focus to worry ourselves sick.

It's easy to see how bad things look when that's what you're looking for. It's even easier to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves, grousing and complaining when things don't go our way. And while singing the blues doesn't take much effort, it does exact a tremendous toll.

Worrying about work can spill over into our personal lives. Worrying about our finances can disrupt our family time. Worrying about virtually anything almost always affects virtually every other aspect of our lives. Needless to say, not much good comes from worrying.

"Put your trust in the Lord and go ahead. Worry gets you no place."
Roy Acuff

Have you ever considered how much time you actually spend worrying about things that never actually occur? More likely than not, you agonize over all sorts of stuff that never happen practically every day of your life. Talk about a waste of time! And even when something you're worried about does come to pass, did all of that worrying ever help you out even one little bit?

Of course it didn't.

Let's face it, all of the worrying in the world doesn't do you one bit of good. Worrying wears you down as it weakens your spirit. Worrying siphons your joy and saps your energy. Worrying places a big-time damper on your happiness and passion for living.

That's why you've got to stop worrying so much.

"I have always found when I was worrying, that the best thing to do was put my mind upon something, work hard and forget what was troubling me."
Thomas Edison

If worry has seemingly become your middle name, then we'd like to suggest a pleasant change of place. Rather than constantly giving in to your fears, always expecting the worst, why not change things around and start putting your trust in God? Instead of wasting time worrying about what you don't have or cannot do, why not focus on what you do have and what you can do right now?

Instead of allowing negative thoughts and feelings to run unfettered, why not choose to keep your mind filled with thoughts of success, hope and promise? By filling your heart and soul with faith, an unstoppable wave of positive charged momentum will be unleashed throughout your body. You'll start expecting good things to happen. You'll start seeing the good all around you. And you'll start feeling more excited, more energized and more enthusiastic about life than you have in years.

And best of all, you'll stop worrying so much.

The Bottom Line: When you constantly expect the best from life, the best is exactly what you'll get.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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