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Power Up Passages

You Must Be Present To Win.

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October 21, 2008.

"Be a winner. Stand for something."
John Madden

Winning isn't an every once in a while thing. It's is an unbeatable, unbreakable, unshakable every-day-of the-year commitment to excellence that courses through our veins; that lives in our hearts and our souls. It's a positive-charged attitude that cannot be throttled, a resolute determination that cannot be denied. Winning is an indefatigable force that cannot be broken, a determined courage that knows not defeat.

Deep within each of us burns this unwavering winning spirit; an internal flame of power, hope and might. It's there, right there; right where it's always been. And it's ready to push us past any adversity we'll ever face, to guide us through the darkest moments we'll ever encounter.

Winning is our reason for being, for doing; it's what we're all about. We were born to win.

"Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Yet far too many people readily accept losing as a way of life. Knocked down and defeated one too many times, these folks no longer see themselves as winners. They no longer believe that they have what it takes to win. Oh sure, they still have it, they just don't believe they do. And that's a problem.

Instead of looking within and finding the fight and fire to keep moving forward, they lose their fervor, their passion and their drive. And they quit. They quit on themselves, they quit on their loved ones and they quit on the life they could have lived as well. As they resign themselves to a lifetime of losing, losing sadly becomes the name of their game.

"Losing is a part of winning."
Dick Munro

Hey, I understand how it feels to be deflated and defeated, to have one devastating loss piled on top of another. I know firsthand how losing can take its toll, how badly it makes you feel. Losing can make you feel low; in fact, lower than low to be honest. I know, I've been THERE; been there many times. Yet in spite of the many setbacks and defeats I have suffered throughout the years, one thing remains constant. I absolutely hate losing. Detest it, loathe it, and abhor it. I don't like the lousy feeling and I really don't like being 'there.'

So each time I get knocked down, I get up. Like clockwork. And I get going again. It isn't always easy. In fact, usually it's anything but. It's tough to get up when you've been knocked to your knees. But the only way out is up. And that process begins by picking yourself up and getting back in the game.

Now, every time I find myself down in the dumps, each time I start believing that there is no way out, I look within. I call on that fire burning deep down inside to pull me up and pull me through. No matter how far I have fallen or how low I have sunk, this winning spirit never lets me down.

I simply refuse to lose. And so should you.

"Winning starts with beginning."
Robert H. Schuller

How's life been treating you? Are you winning and having the time of your life? Or has losing become more of the norm? If you're not winning as much as you'd like, maybe you need to stop playing to lose. That's right, you read it correctly.

YOU NEED TO STOP PLAYING TO LOSE. And start playing to win right now.

Now that doesn't mean you're not going to lose on occasion, because you are. But that's OK, as long as you maintain a winner's mindset. That means never allowing defeat any opportunity to gain any sort of foothold in your life. When difficulties arise, when hope is in short supply, when defeat appears imminent, don't run away and hide. And for goodness sakes, don't cower in a corner. Right then, right at that most crucial moment, you need to stand tall and summon that refuse to lose spirit from within.

You need to stay positive when things start going south. It's not easy, but you can do it. You need to remain focused when distractions abound. Don't worry, you have what it takes. And you need to keep your cool when the heat is turned up full blast. Look within and you'll find all of the strength you'll ever need. By staying in total control of your emotions, you can turn things around.

And start winning again.

The Bottom Line: By refusing to lose, you make winning a way of life.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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