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Power Up Passages

Here We Go Again.

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July 2, 2008.

"We're given second chances every day of our lives. We don't usually take them, but they're there for the taking."
Andrew M. Greeley

Life is a game of chance. First chances, second chances, even third, fourth and fifth chances abound. All sorts of chances are there for the taking. Yet too many people never get around to taking that first chance. Worried about making a mistake or taking a wrong turn, they stay stuck in neutral, never really giving life a good go.

Instead of making something happen, they wait. Rather than pull the trigger and put their best to the test, they hesitate and vacillate. Instead of getting out there and getting something going, taking some chances along the way, they forever procrastinate; allowing one opportunity after another to pass them by.

"If you don't risk anything, you risk even more."
Erica Jong

OK, I'll grant you that taking chances can be a bit risky. After all, you've got to climb out of your comfy zone and try something different, something out of the ordinary. And breaking away from your regular routine can be a little scary, a little spooky. But I would also argue that taking no chances whatsoever is a far riskier path to follow. By playing it safe, taking no chances at all, you remain stuck right where you are right now. And you stay there forever.

There is one and only one way any of us can ever hope to improve our lives - and that's to take chances every day of our lives. Instead of worrying ourselves sick about what might happen if we fall down along the way, we need to be playing the game of life at full throttle - with nothing held back, nothing left behind.

"Do one thing every day that scares you."
Eleanor Roosevelt

Let's face it; doing the same old thing over and over again is not only boring as heck, it's not going to take you anywhere close to where you want to go. Unless you are precisely where you want to be in life and where you want to remain, you're going to have to do some things differently. And like it or not, that means taking some chances.

Very few people have accomplished absolutely everything they have ever wanted to achieve. Even fewer have reached each and every goal they have set for themselves.

Regardless of how far you have come and how much you have achieved, life has plenty more in store. But in order to achieve more, be more and see more, you're going to have to do more. And start doing it right now.

"Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out."
James Bryant Conant

Life was never intended to be played at half speed. The same goes for playing it safe or close to the vest. Life was meant to be played all out every day, giving it your very best effort, your very best shot each and every time out.

And while you may have only one life to live, that one life affords you countless opportunities to make your dreams come true. That's right; you are granted limitless chances to do your best, never ending openings to be your best; one chance after another after another. All the mistakes, missteps and miscues you will ever make can never stop you or hold you back unless you allow them to do so.

As long as you are willing to keep pushing, keep working and keep hustling, the chances will keep coming.

So don't just stand there hoping and praying good fortune finds you, make something happen and go find it yourself. Jump in with both feet and make some noise. Get something going and see where it takes you. And live each day with all the bravado, gusto and passion you can muster.

The Bottom Line: Don't miss your chance to take some chances daily.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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