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Power Up Passages

Scratching Your Itch To Get Rich.

Brought to you by
The Power Performance Program ©




June 15, 2008.

"The best of the best were made from scratch."
Greg Hickman

Do you have an itch to get rich, to make your life everything you have dreamed it could be and more? I'm not necessarily talking about having a lot of money, but about having more of the good things in life. More happiness, more joy, more meaning; more of all of the things that make life more fulfilling, more rewarding, more satisfying.

More of what you're looking for.

You see all the neat things others have and wished you had them as well. And you watch all the fun things others do and wish you were doing them too. But there is something else going on, something much deeper than wishing you had what others have or were doing what others are doing.

There's an itch that needs to be scratched.

"If it itches, scratch it."
Greg Hickman

Deep down inside burns an inherent need to succeed, an unfulfilled desire to make your life all it could be and should be; a white-heat passion that yearns to be set free. You feel it, you sense it and you know it's always there, yet far too often you keep it buried within.

You want to do better, yet you never pull the trigger. And while you know in your heart that you can do more, you never quite let go. You just keep holding on tight as the itch inside continues to grow.

Maybe you're fearful of falling short; maybe you're afraid of falling flat on your face. Truth be told, there's probably a whole list of maybes standing in your way. So you never scratch your itch to get rich. And it haunts you.

If you're not careful, it can haunt you forever.

"It's never too late to start from scratch."
Greg Hickman

All sorts of questions invariably pop into your mind. What could I have accomplished if I would had the nerve to take the plunge? What riches could I have attained if I had shown the courage to take a chance? How far could I have gone, how much could I have achieved? More often than not, these troubling questions that lay unanswered.

Without a doubt, the saddest laments ever heard are from people that wished they would have taken more chances, who wished they'd taken more risks - and now sadly believe it's far too late. They wonder about 'what could have been' if they would have only done this, if they had only tried that.

Oh how they now wish they could relive their lives. Given a second chance, they readily admit they would have followed their hearts. They would have rolled the dice more often, they would have taken a lot chances. But more than anything else, they would have made the most of every moment on earth.

Well I've got great news for these folks. And that includes you! It's never too late.

"Got an itch to get rich? Then get busy scratching it."
Greg Hickman

You've got an itch right now. Yes, you do! A yearning, burning, churning desire that needs to be scratched. Not next month, not next year, not whenever you get around to it, but right here, right now. This itch is something you desperately want to do, something you urgently need to try, but so far you've just not been able to let it rip. As a result, the best you've got stays locked up inside.

But today's a new day; a new chance to start fresh, a new opportunity to start from scratch. It's time to let go and let it out. And start doing those things you were born to do.

Want to do something? Then do it. Want to try something? Then try it. Want to make something happen? Then get happening yourself. It's time to scratch your itch - and scratch it hard. By following your instincts and doing what you really want to do - what you really NEED to do - you start making your life all it could be and more.

Instead of hoping things were better, make them better. And instead of wishing for a happier, healthier, wealthier life, make your dreams come true. The next time you feel the itch, don't ignore it. And for goodness sakes don't put it off or put in on the back burner. You need to start scratching that itch to get rich. And keep on scratching for the rest of your life.

The Bottom Line: Want to get rich? Then get busy scratching your itch.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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