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Power Up Passages

Mining For Gold
October 7, 2002

The most successful people on earth and you and me have a number of things in common. The most successful folks were born to win and so were we. The most successful individuals have what it takes to be counted among the very best and so do we. The most successful men and women have repeatedly found a way to tap into their own gold mines and we must do so as well.

You are probably asking yourself about now, "What gold mines is he talking about?" These gold mines are special reservoirs of strength and power buried deep inside each of us. Nobody, not the richest or even the poorest among us, is ever born without one. These gold mines reassure us that we are good enough, we are smart enough and we are strong enough to take our place alongside the best of the best. However, some people sadly live their entire lives without realizing their gold mine even exists.

In all likelihood, you've been sitting on top of your own gold mine for years and didn't realize it either. The moment you get up and begin uncovering this cache stockpiled with gold, your life will never be the same again. Tapping into this gold mine requires that you start listening to your heart and start doing the things you were born to do. You can never be your best until you are doing what you love to do – what you were born to do.

There is a song inside each of us that desperately wants to be sung. By following your heart your heart and doing those things you truly love to do, you free your mind to think in super BIG terms once again. By seeing and then seizing the BIG picture, all of the things you’ve always dreamed of having, doing and being are now within your reach. Once you have tapped into your priceless gold mine, there is literally nothing that can no longer be accomplished.

Your passion and desire can drive you to unimagined heights, if you will simply follow your heart – your heart of gold. Isn't it about time you uncovered this buried treasure and started living your life the way you've always wanted?

The Power Up Passage is brought to you each weekday by The Motivational and Inspirational Corner.

Author: Greg Hickman


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