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Power Up Passages

It Sounds Too Good To Be True.
October 1, 2002

“It sounds almost to good to be true.”

How many times have we heard that saying? Too many times, that's for sure. But what does that statement really mean? Can something actually be so good that it couldn't be true or is something so good that we don't believe it could happen? In all likelihood, it is the latter.

When people say something sounds almost too good to be true, they are generally using that excuse as a reason for not pursuing it. Since they do not truly believe they can actually do or actually have whatever it is they want, they just say it sounds too good to be true and forget about it. They let themselves off the hook by reasoning that if it could actually be done, then everyone would already be doing it. Fortunately, experience has repeatedly shown us that is not necessarily the case.

For example, which of these do you believe is easier? Is it easier to live a fun, happy, exciting, rich and rewarding life or is it easier to endure a sad, unhappy, uneventful, dreary, hardly worth getting up in the morning, hum drum existence? A winner believes, really believes, it is easier to live the good life than it is to live a lousy one. Yet millions upon millions of people struggle to survive by opting for the latter, simply because they do not believe the good life can happen to them.

How would you like to live each day in an almost seemingly too good to be true manner, where all sorts of good things happen to you and for you? You can when you master the power of believing in yourself.

Can you imagine enjoying yourself so much that you almost feel guilty about it? Sure, all of us can imagine it. But you have to believe it can happen in order for you to live it.

Your life can be everything you have ever hoped for and so much more when you open up and unleash the awesome power of believing in yourself. The process begins by first seeing yourself winning in advance. When you start believing in your heart and your soul that you will win, then and only then will you start winning. Come on, can winning really be that simple? Yes, it can. Can you really accomplish anything that you put your heart and soul into achieving, even if it sounds almost too good to be true? Yes, you can.

Can you really turn all those hopes and dreams that you've held in your heart for such a long time into every day achievement? Yes, you can and you will ... as soon as you start believing you can. Almost too good to be true won't cut it with a winner. When something sounds that good, a winner gets rid of the "almost" and makes sure it does come true everyday of his or her life.

The Power Up Passage is brought to you each weekday by The Motivational and Inspirational Corner.

Author: Greg Hickman


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