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Power Up Passages

Twists of Fate.

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March 15, 2007.

"We create our fate every day we live."
Henry Miller

Fate sometimes appears to be a fickle friend. One day you're flying high above the clouds, without a care in the world. Then in a moment, your world can suddenly come crashing down, leaving you as low as low can get. But is this up and down roller coaster ride we call life really fate - or perhaps something altogether different?

Ralph Waldo Emerson succinctly summed it up when he said, "Whatever limits us we call fate." Many are quick to write off virtually everything that happens to them as twists of fate, outside circumstances over which they have little or no control. If they don't get the job they're seeking, then it wasn't it the cards. If their lives don't turn out the way they wanted, then it wasnt meant to be. Nothing is their fault  or their responsibility.

"A man, when he wishes, is the master of his fate."
Jose Ferrer

While chalking everything up to chance or circumstance may get them off the hook in their own minds, it doesn't get them any closer to the realization of their dreams. By casting their fate with the winds, they unnecessarily surrender control of their lives to a wide array of outside forces.

Now don't get me wrong. Theres nothing wrong with hoping things turn OK. Hope is a good thing and definitely has its place. By relying on hope alone is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. To get where we need to go in life, we've got to do more than just hope. We've got to take charge by taking control of what we say, think and do daily.

"We are not creatures of circumstance; we are creators of circumstance."
Benjamin Disraeli

Life is not a preordained walk-through where we merely go through a set of predetermined motions. Not even close. Our fates, whatever they may be or ultimately become, are up to us. That's right boys and girls; our lot in life is totally, completely, 100% up to us. A little scary, huh? For better or for worse, we have the final say. And we shouldn't want it any other way.

That doesn't mean we cannot forfeit control through our actions or lack thereof. In fact many people habitually do just that, granting other people control of their lives. Instead of getting out there and forging a lifetime filled with glowing achievement, far too many sadly languish in mediocrity. Instead of mastering their fate, they wait around for whatever crumbs someone else tosses their way. Then, with their spirits shattered and hopes laid to rest, they blame it all on the quirks of fate.

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves."
William Shakespeare

Jack Welch said a mouthful when he said, "Control your destiny or somebody else will." It's so true. If you fail to control where you're going and how you're going to get there, you leave it up in the air for to everyone else to grab. Why on earth would you ever willingly relinquish control of your fate? Why would you leave your future in someone else's hands? You wouldn't - and you won't.

We have each been blessed with the opportunity to meticulously sculpt our lives in the fashion we choose, to paint a magnificent self-portrait of excellence in everyday action. Free to paint and sculpt and shape to our hearts' content. Rather than take whatever we're given, we need to boldly fashion a fabulous future of dazzling, radiant, awe-inspiring brilliance.

It's time for you to seize control of your life and decide your own fate. Forget about what's in the cards or if the stars are aligned just right. It is your destiny to live a too beautiful for words lifestyle where everything you ever dreamed of doing, being, having and holding miraculously unfolds right before your eyes. The future you have longed to live is right where it has always been - in your own hands. So grab it tightly, hold it close and for goodness sakes, never let it go.

The Bottom Line: Why not twist fate in your direction, directing it precisely where you want to go?

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Author: Greg Hickman


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