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Power Up Passages

No Matter What.

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February 24, 2007.

"Resolve never to quit, never to give up, no matter what the situation."
Jack Nicklaus

Whatever happened to the 'no matter what' type of attitude that was so prevalent in days gone by? You do know the kind of mental toughness I'm talking about here, don't you? A tougher-than-nails, refuse to lose tenacity that knows only one way to play - and that's all out, with nothing held back.

In a world where commitment and determination have become almost passé, seemingly out of date and out of touch, too many people consider a no matter what approach just too much trouble. Too much effort, too much commitment, just too much of just about everything.

While there will always be some folks who routinely display a rugged mental toughness, especially when the going gets rougher than rough, most of us have long since abandoned a no matter what approach to living. After all, doing whatever it takes, whenever it is needed - no matter what - is no walk in the park. Not by a long shot. In fact, there are few things tougher than adopting and maintaining a no matter what personality.

And very few things more rewarding.

"Real courage is when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what."
Harper Lee

Let's face it, it's always easier to take whatever is tossed our direction without putting up much of a fight. Giving up, quitting or even running for cover the minute things don't go our way has almost become standard operating procedure for far too many. Worried, anxious and stressed out from the pressures we experience all day long, we oftentimes unravel like a cheap suit at the first sign of trouble, falling apart at the seams.

Coming face to face with any kind of challenging difficulty, particularly a really BIG humdinger of a problem, chills most of us right to the bone. Rather than pushing ourselves forward, plowing through the predicament squarely placed in our paths, we cut and run. Instead of displaying a no matter what determination to overcome the problem encountered, we lose our confidence, lose our nerve and lose our focus; ultimately losing our future as well.

"No matter what you do, do it to your utmost."
Russel H. Conwell

It's far easier to call it quits when things start falling apart, retreating back into our 'comfy' zone where we can hunker down until the heat blows over. Easier, sure; but better? Not a chance. And besides, how comfortable is that comfy zone anyway? Given the choice, would you stay stuck in those so-called comfy quarters or would you choose something much different, something much better?

Come on now, wouldn't you for once prefer to do the knocking instead of being the one getting knocked around? Wouldn't you rather set the tone and tempo rather than dance to someone else's tune?

If you're truly ready to start living your dreams in a richness too radiant for words, you've got to develop a no matter what type of attitude. Right here, right now. Instead of constantly backing away whenever and wherever trouble comes calling, you must condition yourself to stare adversity eyeball to eyeball - refusing to run and hide no matter what.

"No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born."
Dale Turner

Deep inside of you lies a rarely tapped internal reservoir of strength, an unlimited wellspring of power and might that can help you meet and defeat any difficulty encountered during the course of your life. It's always been there, ready to help you overcome and overpower any adversity you'll ever face. It's time to tap into this power.

Instead of backing down the next time you're backed into a corner, why not fight back with every ounce of energy you can muster? And the next time your back is up against the wall, why not dig in and push back with all of your might? By embracing a "I'm going to win no matter what" attitude, nothing - and I do mean absolutely nothing - can ever hold you down or hold you back again.

By maintaining a resolute commitment deep within to finish whatever you start, no matter what, nothing is out of your reach or beyond your grasp ever again. At long last, the phenomenal life you desire and deserve is right there for the taking. So why not choose to take it right now and never let go... no matter what?

The Bottom Line: No matter what happens, never quit - no matter what.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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