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Power Up Passages

Nothing Matters.

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The Power Performance Program ©




December 23, 2006.

”Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs — and that is the risk of doing nothing.”
Denis Waitley

When it comes down to taking charge and taking chances, there are generally three types of people. There are those that quickly pull the trigger when opportunity presents itself. Rather than waiting for the perfect time or the perfect place to make their move, these rare but highly motivated folks seize the moment and act — right then, right there. As a result, they are counted among the select few who fulfill their dreams by making things happen daily.

Then there are others who wait or hesitate when decisions need to be made. Instead of getting off their duffs and getting in the ballgame, they choose to sit on the sidelines and watch things happen all around them. Their lives are sadly filled with ‘could have, should have, wish I would have’ doubts and regrets. Instead of realizing their dreams and aspirations, they leave a lasting legacy of second guessing and second place finishes.

Bringing up the rear are the remainder of folks who never once realize opportunity was there in the first place. They are so lost in the shuffle, busy just barely trying to survive and scrape by, that they never once realize they could have accomplished so much more with their time and their talents.

”We can try to avoid making choices by doing nothing, but even that is a decision.”
Gary Collins

So how do see yourself fitting into the equation above? Are you high stepping with the first group of winners, regularly seizing the moment by squeezing as much as you can from each and every day on earth? Or do you find yourself mired in the midst of the majority who can never quite get their rears in gear?

It’s time to ‘fess up here, no sugar coating allowed. If you’re not presently making things happen day in and day out, there is something holding you down or holding you back. And more often than not, that something is Y-O-U.

”Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”
Elbert Hubbard

Come on now, you need to come clean if you’re ever going to fulfill your date with destiny. You know you can do better, right? In fact, you want to do better, don’t you? All right, now we’re getting somewhere. You know you can do better and you want to do better. And deep down inside you, where it really counts, you desperately need to do better as well… yet for one reason or another, you don’t.

OK, so what’s the deal? Are you afraid of failing? Maybe a little? Maybe even a lot? Far too often the fear of failure overpowers our emotions and overwhelms our abilities to act. Most people will readily admit that the #1 reason they fail to act is they want to avoid the harsh sting of failure at all costs. Yet the cost of doing nothing is the highest price any of us will ever pay.

”A man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done, of what he can do, nothing else.”
Andre Malraux

While no one enjoys the prospects of falling short and being embarrassed or humiliated in the process, nobody ever gets anywhere worthwhile without taking some chances every once in a while either. Richard Bach was right on the money when he said, “Avoid problems and you'll never be the one who overcame them.”

We can choose to do nothing and hope to play it safe, but is ‘safe’ really all that safe in the long run? And we can try not to risk anything in our daily pursuits, but is this risk-nothing approach really risk-free? If we are ever going to make a real run at making our lives everything we ever hoped they could be, we have to discard the do nothing, risk nothing attitude and replace it with a super-sized, super-charged, super fired up ‘do it now attitude’ where we dare to do all that we can and more.

Doesn’t it make sense that if you habitually expect nothing, nothing is precisely what you’ll get by the bushel? On the other hand, when you begin expecting great things from yourself and your life, you become a miracle in the making. Anything and everything you have ever imagined doing, being and becoming instantly becomes possible the minute you stop worrying about what might happen if you fail and start zeroing in on just doing your very best. Just get going right now. And always remember this: nothing on earth can stop you when you let absolutely nothing stand in your way.

The Bottom Line: Say nothing doing to doing nothing and start doing what needs to be done daily.

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Author: Greg Hickman


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