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Power Up Passages

Geting Bent Out of Shape.
September 6, 2002

A healthy habit we should all integrate into our daily routine is the act of daily stretching. The physical act of stretching adds flexibility and strength to our muscles, aids in our physical conditioning and makes us all feel a whole lot better. By the same token, daily mental stretching is of equal importance for us to stay happy and healthy.

Mental stretching will help rid you of countless limitations that have previously slowed you down or stood in your way in the past. Stretching your mind will unveil new ideas, possibilities and opportunities you never previously knew existed.

Unlike physical stretching, which is geared towards whipping you into shape, mental stretching focuses on getting you "out of shape" as it stretches, stretches and stretches your mind's capacity more and more each day. Mental stretching puts your creative license to work and lets your imagination run free and unfettered. It enhances the mind's ability to develop, refine and hold vivid mental pictures of your goals, dreams and aspirations. Regular mental stretching helps convert these mental images into tangible game plans for every day achievement.

Stretching clears the mind of any thought inhibiting "cobwebs" and clears the path for newer and even more exciting ideas. Your mind is a truly astonishing resource. Its immeasurable capabilities can take you absolutely anywhere you wish to go and its mysterious powers can empower you to accomplish anything you have ever desired.

Why not reserve a few minutes of private "prime time" each and every day where you can stretch your mind to its outer limits? Instead of focusing on problems and reasons you "can't" do this or "can't" do that, why not use this time to stretch and stretch and S-T-R-E-T-C-H your mind -- actively seeking out ways to do what you once thought was impossible? You will find that your mind, when regularly stretched way "out of shape", will never again return its previously limiting dimensions.

So go ahead and get bent totally out of shape – it really is great exercise.

The Power Up Passage is brought to you each weekday by The Motivational and Inspirational Corner.

Author: Greg Hickman


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