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Power Up Passages

Under Promise, Then Over Deliver.
September 4, 2002

How many times has someone you counted on promised to do something and then let you down by not fulfilling that promise? Probably more times than you care to remember. How many times have you placed your complete trust in someone only to be disappointed later when that person didn’t follow through? Probably more than once or twice I would wager. How did it feel to be let down by someone you were counting on? In all likelihood, it felt just like it always feels … down right lousy.

While it happens to all of us at one time or another, that fact still doesn't take the sting out of the hurt and disappointment we feel whenever someone we counted on lets us down. Everyone knows the feeling of disillusionment that accompanies being "over sold" by someone you believed in, particularly when it is someone close to us. These people made promises to you that they could not or, worse yet, would not keep and you ultimately got caught holding the bag (and an empty bag at that). These "big talkers" basically promised more than they could deliver and the disheartening experience left you with little more than a sour taste in your mouth.

I want you to remember how badly you felt when you were let down by someone you trusted. If it feels that rotten when your are let down by others, wouldn't you think it hurts others just as badly when you let people down too? Instead of making promises you are unable to keep, why not learn to under promise and then over deliver? Instead of telling people what you will do, why not show them what you can do instead?

You will quickly stand out from the rest of the crowd when you a) do more than is expected (most people won't) and b) give more than you promised (most people don't). While neither of these winning attributes should be such a big deal, I can assure you that they are absolutely a very big deal nowadays. When you make absolutely certain that your performance consistently exceeds the expectations of others, you will stand out and shine like the proverbial diamond in the rough. Best of all, you will never feel the sorrow of letting anyone down again.

A winner makes absolutely certain that his or her performance outsells the promises he or she makes every day of the week. You need to make sure that your performance does so as well. There’s no better feeling than knowing that people can count on you – when it counts the most.

The Power Up Passage is brought to you each weekday by The Motivational and Inspirational Corner.

Author: Greg Hickman


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