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Power Up Passages

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.
February 15, 2003.

I’ll give it a shot.
I’ll give it a whirl.
I’ll give it a try.

Have you ever heard someone make any of these statements before? Of course you have. People say they will give this or that or the other a try all of the time. As a matter of fact, chances are good that you have even uttered one or more of these overworked phrases yourself on occasion.

While giving something a try is a lot better than not trying at all, each of these statements are lacking something that’s very important. So what’s missing?

That missing ‘something’ is POWER.

There is a BIG difference between trying to do something and getting it done. That difference is commitment.

Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can ‘try’ something. After all, trying is in reality an optional route. Trying leaves the back door wide open, so in the event that whatever you’re trying doesn’t pan out, you can quickly retreat back to where you were before you tried.

That’s why so many people fail in their attempts to try to lose weight, try to stop smoking, try to make better grades in school or the hundreds of other things they try off and on in their lives. Rather than totally commit themselves to making the changes they want to make in life, they keep trying … and failing.

Nothing really ventured, nothing really gained.

Since they didn’t really put themselves totally on the hook to make the change, then it doesn’t really hurt as badly when they invariably come up short in the futile attempt. Or does it?

After all, if something is worth trying, then isn’t it worth doing? And if it’s worth doing, then isn’t it worth doing it right now? So instead of just trying to do something, why not commit to doing whatever it takes -- and then JUST GO DO IT!

There is no power in trying something. Come on, can a half hearted effort ever produce the kind of results you want and deserve? I think you know the answer.

On the other hand, a ton of POWER can be unleashed the very moment you commit to DOING something. When you begin backing up your decisions with a indefatigable REFUSE TO LOSE attitude, your success is insured.

So how about it? Are you ready to replace I’ll give it a shot with I’ll make it happen?

Rather than saying I’ll give it a whirl, doesn’t I’ll keep working until I get the job done sound a heck of a lot better instead?

And instead of offering up the feeble I’ll give it a try, wouldn’t you prefer to powerfully declare what you will do – and then proceed to go out and do it?

When you’re finally prepared to commit, heart and soul, to making your life everything you’ve ever dreamed it could be, it will become everything you’ve hoped for … and more.

The Bottom Line: The moment you stop trying and start doing, you’ll stop doing without.


If one has not given everything, one has given nothing.
Georges Guynemer

Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you. Arnold Palmer

Swing hard, in case they throw the ball where you're swinging.
Duke Snider

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Author: Greg Hickman


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