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Power Up Passages

This Mission Is Possible.
January 10, 2003.

Your will is an extremely compelling force. A winner holds inside himself or herself a resolute, unrelenting will to win. A winner is known for throwing his or her entire heart and soul into reaching out and achieving his or her individual dreams.

A champion knows only one way to play the game of life and that way is full speed ahead. These power performers staunchly believe that anything (and I do mean anything!) that they can conceive in their minds and believe in their hearts, they can achieve in their lives. Nothing is ever out of reach for the real winners.

While the would-be winners tend to view success as an impossible dream, the real winners see their success as an inevitable reality. They think like winners, they talk like winners, they act like winners and most of all, they see themselves as winners. Therein lies the elusive secret. A winner knows that he or she must first think, talk and act like a success story before he or she will become one.

These top achieving individuals make the most of this "winning edge." They live each and every success in advance … in their minds. They can literally "see" it, "sense" it and "feel" it before it actually occurs. This sensory rich mental environment, where they see themselves winning over and over again in their minds, lays the all important groundwork for future success. This unique capacity to actually conceive success in advance strengthens and reinforces their ability to believe they can do it in their hearts.

Once the winners have crystallized a clear picture of where they are going in their minds and fervently believe in their hearts that they have what it takes to make it happen, they focus all of their efforts into converting this mental picture into a reality. Winners know, really know deep down where it counts, that they have what it takes to achieve whatever they truly want in life. They possess an unwavering commitment to excellence in everything they think, say or do.

What about you? Are you putting this winning edge to work for you? Are you beginning to see, sense and feel your future successes in advance? If you have not done so already, there’s no time like the present to get started. Take off the blinders and for the first time in a long time see, I want you to feel and see your life just the way you have always dreamed it to be.

The moment you start committing every ounce of your energy into an unshakable belief in yourself and your unique abilities, then anything and everything you have ever imagined becomes possible. When you reach the point when you can say, without question or compromise, that "this is what I will do, I will never go back, I will never retreat," then you have forged the mental toughness to fulfill your destiny on earth.

You should never, ever forget that anything that you commit your heart and soul to is well within your reach. Believe in yourself and dare to live your dream today.


I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much.
Mother Teresa

Belief consists in accepting the affirmation of the soul; unbelief,in denying them.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Expect the dawn of a new beginning in the dark nights of life.
Lloyd John Ogilvie

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Author: Greg Hickman


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