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Power Up Passages

It's A Matter Of Fact.
January 2, 2003.

Let's face a few facts about you and the life you live. First of all, you can be whatever you want to be in life. Yes indeed, that is a fact of life. Secondly, you can do whatever it is you want to do in life. No question about it, that is a fact of life too. Thirdly, you can learn anything you need to learn in order to accomplish whatever you wish to accomplish. Without a doubt, it is a fact of life that you do have what it takes.

Some people seem to have a real difficult time facing up to these facts. Since a number of people do not believe they can be, do or have whatever they want out of life, they erroneously trick themselves into believing that these facts are a lot closer to fiction than reality. Therein lies the root of their problem.

Since they do not really believe the good life is a possibility and within their reach, they fall short in their quest to fulfill their potential on earth. They never do the things they always wanted to do and fail to gather the required knowledge to be their very best. Sadly, their refusal to face the facts of life prevents them from living the life they could have, should have and they wished they would have had.

Winners never "if" their way through life. They refuse to say "if I had only done this" or "if I had only done that". Winners know, really know deep down where it counts, that they can definitely do it. There are never any "ifs", "ands" or "buts" about their rendezvous with destiny. They firmly believe that their success is merely a matter of just going out and going for it with everything they have. These top achieving individuals consistently reach and exceed their goals and expectations because they believe in themselves, even when others do not.

How could you or I ever expect to be our best if we didn't really believe we have what it takes to make it? Very simply, we couldn't. Winners get to the top in spite of every obstacle they must hurdle and every adversity they must overcome, because the top is precisely where they have always believed they were going. A winner's wide eyed optimism, turbo charged excitement, full throttle enthusiasm and untiring commitment to excellence paves his or her way straight to the top.

Without question, you too can be counted among the best of the very best. All that is ever required to gain membership into this elite club is for you to accept the fact that you do have what it takes. There’s no question about it, you can indeed have, do and be anything you have ever imagined when you go out and make your dreams come true.

And that’s a fact!


We are always getting ready to live but never living.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.
Bill Cosby

Life is not holding a good hand; life is playing a poor hand well.
Danish Proverb

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

I'm very determined and stubborn. There's a desire in me that makes me want to do more and more, and to do it right. Each one of us has a fire in our heart for something. It's our goal in life to find it and to keep it.
Mary Lou Retton

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Author: Greg Hickman


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