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Power Up Passages

Believe It or Not.
August 12, 2002

Life is truly a game of believe it or not. Regardless of whether you believe you can do something or alternatively believe you "can't", life rarely lets you down. When you believe you can - it’s a sure bet that you will. On the other hand, when you think you can't - it’s a cinch that you won't. Believe it or not, it's your choice.

Unlike the little train who kept saying "I think I can, I think I can" as it chugged up the mountainside, you have to keep boldly telling yourself "I know I can, I know I can". Thinking you can won't cut the mustard. You have to believe, with all of your heart and all of you soul, that you can do it. You have to know you can win before you will start winning on a consistent basis.

When you reach the point where you begin believing that anything is indeed possible, then anything will indeed be possible. Hey, winners are never short on self confidence. They believe in themselves and in their plan. The real winners in life look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work – or make it better. They know they can do it, they just know it. There's no longer any doubt about it, there's is no longer any question about it –they know they can do it with all their heart and soul.

It is absolutely amazing what a person can accomplish with a strong internal belief system in place. There is a huge difference between thinking you can do something and knowing you can get the job done. The biggest enemy any of us will ever have to conquer is the self doubt we allow to grow and fester inside of ourselves. A lot of people will proclaim they will do this or they will do that, but when they ultimately reach that make or break moment of truth ... they fold their tents. They didn't believe, really believe, that they could do it and consequently lacked the necessary fortitude when it was needed the most.

It is a fairly simple concept when you get right down to it. You have to believe you can do it – or you will not do it. The best in any field did not get there by thinking or hoping they could make it to the top. No, the best were able to reach the top because they knew they could. When you start believing and then keep believing in yourself, you will etch your name along side the very best in America’s history. And you’d better believe it.

The Power Up Passage is brought to you each weekday by The Motivational and Inspirational Corner.

Author: Greg Hickman


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