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Power Up Passages

Having A Smart Attack
December 9, 2002.

In much the same manner that you can condition yourself to think in super BIG terms, you can also condition yourself to work in a super smart manner as well. The good news is that it isn't all that difficult to master the "working super smart" concept. OK, it does take a little extra effort up front to establish the proper conditioning, but try naming one worthwhile habit that doesn't.

Working super smart is accomplished by taking your most outstanding thoughts and ideas and efficiently converting them into immediate, proactive application. This requires preparation. After all, the best thoughts and brightest ideas you may ever conceive can come quite suddenly and without warning in the form of a smart attack, so you must be ready to grab them when they burst on the scene.

Without question, you’ve had hundreds of these smart attacks in your life, maybe even thousands of them. In all likelihood, you have acted on some of these powerful ideas and have either ignored or dismissed the rest; writing them off as either impossible or impractical – mistakes you can ill afford to make.

Remember, each and every smart attack offers us the opportunity to live our dreams and to fill our lives with purpose and hope. If you’re not ready to grab these bursts of brilliance the moment they occur, chances are good that they will be gone as quickly as they arrived – and regrettably be lost forever.

These sudden flashes can sometimes blast in like a violent bolt of lightning, literally knocking us off of our seats with their omnipotent power and might. On other occasions, a smart attack can be almost imperceptible in nature, lightly touching us like the finest of mists. It is what we do with these smart attacks, both big and small alike, that ultimately shapes our destiny on earth.

The good news is that is relatively easy to have a smart attack when you are passionately pursuing a worthwhile project that excites, drives and inspires you. When you are actively engaged in something that stirs the passion and raw emotions deep down inside of you, your mind will get busy devising a way to make it happen, setting the stage for a smart attack.

Too many people waste too much time attempting to piece together the so called perfect plan. Please consider that the best in any field didn't wait around for a perfect plan to get started, but instead perfected their plan as they went along. They improved both their product and their approach ‘on the run' and so should you. Then, whenever and wherever a smart attack strikes, you’re ready to rock and roll and can immediately put your new idea or approach to work for you right then and there.

The moment you throw your entire heart and soul into a worthwhile pursuit that turns you on and makes you come alive, you had better hold on to your seat because a smart attack is about to be turned loose. Capturing the magic contained in a smart attack will not only allow you see the big picture, it will help you start living that big picture as well.


Mind is all that counts. You can be whatever you make up your mind to be.
Robert Collier

I'm a great believer in luck, and I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it.
Thomas Jefferson

Will you look back on life and say, 'I wish I had,' or 'I'm glad I did'?
Zig Ziglar

An avalanche begins with a snowflake.
Joseph Compton

There is a boundary to men's passions when they act from feelings; but none when they are under the influence of imagination.
Edmund Burke

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Author: Greg Hickman


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