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Power Up Passages

Are You Having Fun Yet?
December 3, 2002.

Without question, the #1 healthy habit that you absolutely must acquire is the habit of having fun. In fact, that should more accurately read having a ton of fun. OK, but what exactly is fun? I guess it depends on who you ask.

Is fun having a lot of money or having a lot of nice things? Could it be a fancy car, a nice house and a lot of stylish clothes? Maybe, and then again, maybe not.

I do not believe fun can really be accurately described by any of these tangible possessions. Over the years, I have encountered innumerable unhappy people who owned all sorts of things who were totally miserable. I mean unhappy to the bone! Even with all the customary trappings of success, these people lived a lifetime devoid of fun and happiness. In fact, I do not know of a single person who has successfully bought a lifetime of happiness for himself or herself.

Without a doubt, happiness and fun do go together. Fun and happiness are more the state of mind in which you approach life than they are material possessions. It is difficult to have fun without feeling good and it is next to impossible to feel good without having fun.

In order to fill your life with all of the fun and happiness you deserve, you need to feel good about yourself, your life and those around you. In fact, you need to fashion a life that allows you to feel good about everything you say, think or do.

Without fun and happiness, work turns into drudgery. Without fun and happiness, life eventually fills with doom and gloom. Simply stated, a life without a lot of fun and happiness is a life hardly worth living. If life is about any one thing, it is about having fun and being happy.

Are you having fun yet? Are you living a happy life full of fun times, fun things, fun activities and fun people? Your life needs to be a ton of fun. In fact, it has to be. You need to make a healthy run at having fun every day, filling each precious moment with purpose and passion.

Why waste even one more day living a life you don't want to live? Why don't you decide, right here and now, to start living your life the way it was meant to be lived, with all the fun and happiness you could ever imagine?

The minute you do, you will pleasantly discover that having fun is a habit you can learn to live with.



Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.
Benjamin Disraeli

The Power Up Passage is brought to you each weekday by The Motivational and Inspirational Corner.

Author: Greg Hickman


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