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Power Up Passages

Passages by Category Passages by Month

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Greg Hickman Under Construction. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 3, 2003.

As we surely know by now, if there is one constant about the game of life – it is that we CHANGE daily. Without question, we continually shape, enhance, improve and yes, change our lives every single day. As a matter of fact, our lives are literally under construction from head to toe in one form or fashion 365 days a year.

Greg Hickman Getting Carried Away. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 1, 2003.

Winners are those super fired up champions that get carried away on a daily basis. They are so super excited about their lives and their fabulous futures that they approach each dawning day with a super charged enthusiasm. They hit the floor running every day. They have discovered that getting carried away is A-OK.

Greg Hickman Common Since When? Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 31, 2003.

In today’s passage, let’s take a look at the one trait all winners have in common. That one common denominator is their ability to rely on their common sense. While all of us were born with some common sense – some with more, some with less – winners take what they were given and make it even better. These top achieving individuals have learned how to tap into their powerful sixth sense and as a result, they have learned how to take their lives to a more rewarding, more satisfying and more fulfilling level.

Greg Hickman Out of Sight -- But Not Out of Reach. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 30, 2003.

It is imperative that you realize, especially early on in the change making process, that permanent change does not occur all at once. You do not suddenly wake up one morning and discover a brand new you. My oh my, how we all wish it was that easy. Rather, change occurs one act at a time, one decision at a time, one day at a time. You can continue to improve every day when you systematically incorporate the desired changes you need to make into your daily routine.

Greg Hickman Winners Don't Whine and Whiners Don't Win. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 29, 2003.

Other than sharing a number of the same letters, winning and whining have very little in common. You rarely, if ever, see a winner whining about this or that. These power performers have already come to terms with a harsh reality of life – whining prevents you from winning.

Greg Hickman Overnight Improvement. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 28, 2003.

I am a firm believer in the tenet of overnight improvement. I know from my own firsthand experiences that things can and will get better very quickly when you really want them to do so. But like most good things in life, there is a catch.

Greg Hickman Going Back To School. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 27, 2003.

Like it or not, the only way to step into the winner's circle and stay there is to implement an on going program of continuing education. The most successful people learned long ago that the best investment they will ever make is the investment they make in themselves.

Greg Hickman Day Dream Believer. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 25, 2003.

I am sure you, just like the rest of us, experienced all sorts of day dreams when you were younger. Who amongst us did not find themselves, at one time or another, in the precarious position of being blissfully lost in day dream when one of our teachers called on us in class? You know how that story went.

Greg Hickman Standing Room Only. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 24, 2003.

As you begin turning the corner and climbing up the ladder in your chosen area of expertise, you'll discover that there is always something else to learn, something else to do. But taking on each and every challenges presented is what makes the trip to the top so exciting in the first place

Greg Hickman Be On The Look Out! Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 23, 2003.

A number of us were taught long ago to never trust a stranger. We were instructed to be on the "look out" for any potential trouble and to avoid people we did not know. Should we ever be approached by a stranger, we were instructed to go in the opposite direction. While this overly cautious approach may be sound advice for keeping small children out of harm's way, it isn't necessarily good advice for adults to follow.

Greg Hickman How About Some Instant Inner-gy? Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 22, 2003.

It seems like all of us could use a little extra energy at one time or another. In fact, most of us know how downright discouraging it can be to run out of steam before we complete a project. Even though we desperately want to finish the job, sometimes we find ourselves too "pooped" to pop. Just at those moments when we could desperately use an extra boost of energy to get across the finish line, we are out of gas.

Greg Hickman Taking Charge and Taking Off! Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 21, 2003.

If you truly want to put some real power into your performance, you first need to understand who’s in charge of running your life. Just in case you haven't figured it out by now, that someone is you! That’s right, you are the one calling the shots. You should see yourself as the president and chief operating officer of a very prestigious company – and that company is YOU, Inc.

Greg Hickman Something Special. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 20, 2003.

Have you ever been so caught up in an exhilarating endeavor, doing something that excited you from your head to your toes, that you actually lost complete track of time? I’m sure you have. In fact, we all have at one time or another.

Greg Hickman Adding Self To Confidence. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 18, 2003.

Winning places a great deal of emphasis on persisting when others around you are quitting. Being able to count on your resiliency and your ability to bounce back from clashes with adversity is essential for long term success in life.

Greg Hickman Your Frequent Flyer Club. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 17, 2003.

How would it feel to literally see yourself taking off to new and exciting destinations each day, going farther and faster than you ever thought possible? Can you imagine feeling the unbridled excitement build inside you as you plan your trip, experience the thrill of making the journey and treasure the elation of completing the voyage? With each new destination reached, you move farther and farther away from anything or anyone who that has ever attempted to hold you back or hold you down. You will soon discover that daily frequent flying can actually become habit forming.

Greg Hickman Mind Over Matters. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 16, 2003.

There is really no substitute for a healthy self image. Believing in yourself and in your abilities is crucial if you’re going to bring out your very best. You have got to believe, I mean really believe, you can do it if you ever wish to reach your full potential in life.

Greg Hickman Life Support Systems. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 15, 2003.

Dale Carnegie once said, "You can make more friends in two months by becoming really interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you."

Greg Hickman A Sight For Soar Eyes. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 14, 2003.

Your soaring eyes will enable you to see an endless parade of possibilities, paving the way for you to seize opportunities that you have never seen before. You need to make absolutely certain that your vision for the future passes the test. It is high time that you got rid of the sore-ness and started flying to heights that you never before thought possible.

Greg Hickman Sooner Or Later. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 13, 2003.

I'm sure you have heard the old joke of how members of the National Procrastinators Club were going to schedule the date for their annual convention but never got around to doing it. While this may be a silly joke, how many people in this country lead their lives in a similar manner?

Greg Hickman Follow The Leader. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 11, 2003.

Children really do seem to have all the fun, don't they? Children see the wide open spaces of life as their playground, while adults tend to foster a more tarnished viewpoint where they see their lives being played out in a much smaller picture.

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Passages by Category Passages by Month

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