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Power Up Passages

Passages by Category Passages by Month

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Greg Hickman Setbacks Pave The Way For Comebacks. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: October 27, 2003.

Why is it that our lives, which can at times be teeming with happiness and fulfillment that make life so special and worthwhile, can also be filled with numbing disappointment and distress that leave us feeling dispirited and depressed? With so many wonderful things and memorable moments that life can offer each of us, why must we often deal with crushing setbacks and devastating difficulties that literally knock us to our knees? Why, why, why?

Greg Hickman Heart and Soul. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: October 23, 2003.

Do you remember how it felt the last time you took a chance on yourself and threw caution to the wind? There, with your hair let down and all of your worries and fears left behind, you truly believed that was absolutely nothing you couldn’t achieve, nothing you couldn’t do. And you went for it. And even if things didn’t pan out the way you wanted them to, wasn’t it a real hoot to mash down on the accelerator and go at it full throttle?

Greg Hickman A Reason To Believe. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: October 21, 2003.

Have you ever had ‘one of those days,’ when nothing seems to go your way all day long? Hey, ‘fess up; we’ve all had to cope with more than a few of those frustrating days — days that sap our strength and tax our patience right to the bone. And when you find yourself stuck smack dab in the middle of one of those demanding days, when the ball keeps bouncing the wrong direction, it becomes doubly difficult to keep your chin up and keep the faith too.

Greg Hickman Quality Happens. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: October 17, 2003.

If you truly want to stand out like the proverbial diamond in the rough, you simply need to STAND UP and then take a stand. Instead of just trying to get by or looking for ways to do the bare minimum as many do these days, why not choose a different path where outstanding quality is the name of the game?

Greg Hickman Close Enough To Perfect. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: October 15, 2003.

If you asked a hundred people what the word ‘perfection’ means to them, I’m sure you would get at least a hundred different answers. There are some people who see it as an ever elusive goal, a life long objective that challenges them to reach deep down and bring out their very best. Then there are others who see it as a total impossibility; a summit that can never be scaled, a shining star that can never be reached.

Greg Hickman Taking A Chance Worth Taking. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: October 13, 2003.

Taking chances in life can be a really risky undertaking. After all, when you take a chance on something, you open yourself up to the chance of coming up short or being let down. Whenever you throw caution to the wind and take a chance, there is always the possibility that you may get hurt in the process.

Greg Hickman Passing The Test. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: October 9, 2003.

Life can occasionally seem like the sternest of tests; taxing your will power and commitment right to the limit. As a matter of fact, it can sometimes get downright difficult to make sense of it all. Even after you have worked and toiled, giving it all you’ve got, you can still come up on the short end of the stick. Realizing that your best shot just wasn’t good enough hurts — and hurts a lot.

Greg Hickman A Nice Reflection. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: October 6, 2003.

If you have ever had the fortunate opportunity to happen upon a still pond on a crystal clear day, you know firsthand what an awe inspiring site it can be. There, with nary a ripple crossing the water, the pond becomes nature’s own looking glass — brilliantly reflecting back the splendor of the surrounding scenery.

Greg Hickman Things Are Looking Up. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: October 3, 2003.

There are two basic ways to go through life. You can consistently look on the bright side of things, choosing to overlook the down side of life or alternatively, you can constantly take a doom and gloom perspective, electing to ignore all of the fabulous opportunity that each day provides.

Greg Hickman Reality Check. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: October 2, 2003.

Do you consider yourself a dreamer — or a doer? Hopefully you answered that you’re a little of both. After all, how can you separate one from the other? When you stop and think about it, anything and everything worthwhile first begins as a dream; a resplendent sensory rich image you hold in your mind.

Greg Hickman Taking A See Cruise. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: October 1, 2003.

Isn’t it interesting how some people sit around and regularly lament about how they never seem to get the lucky breaks in life? They constantly moan and groan, whine and complain about the sorry hand they have been dealt, throwing a private pity party daily. Instead of making the most of their God given talents, they choose to feel sorry for themselves while at the same time feeling envious and even resentful of those fortunate folks who have more than they do.

Greg Hickman Practicing Some Internal Medicine. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: September 29, 2003.

We are not only what we eat, we are also what we think as well. After all, if we fail to provide our minds a steady diet of positive thoughts and positive reinforcement, our minds will feed off of whatever that’s out there — and that might not be such a good thing.

Greg Hickman Becoming A Soar Loser. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: September 25, 2003.

The manner in which you handle success and even more importantly, the way you deal with defeat speaks volumes about you and your character. Hey, let’s face it; none of us likes to lose. Losing is a real bummer and besides, winning is a heck of a lot more fun anyway.

Greg Hickman Where There's A Will, There's A Way. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: September 23, 2003.

Everyday I run across countless people who desperately want to turn their lives around. They want a better job, a better place to call home, a better lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones. They want more money, more opportunities and more of the good things life has to offer. They want and want and want some more. Without question, there is absolutely no shortage of all sorts of people wanting all sorts of things.

Grreg Hickman Moving Mountains. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: September 22, 2003.

We all dream of making great things happen, of accomplishing some truly amazing things in our lives. Rarely does a day go by that we do not hold a crystal clear picture of ourselves achieving our hopes and aspirations in our minds, seeing our dreams come alive in resplendent detail. There, lost in the magical bliss of the moment, we can actually FEEL ourselves living out our fantasies.

Greg Hickman A Double Dare. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: September 19, 2003.

Living daringly, boldly, fearlessly; sounds really great, doesn’t it? But what is this kind of super charged living all about? For starters, it means that you are willing to roll the dice and give life your very best shot, without giving a second thought to hesitation or doubts. And that requires exhibiting a steely resolve that refuses to bend or break when the going gets rough, a dogged determination that simply will not wilt or cave under pressure.

Greg Hickman A Little Give and Take. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: September 17, 2003.

When you give the best of yourself to those around you, you give the greatest gift of all. You can light up the world of another person by giving them a little attention, a little appreciation. You can make a world of difference by consistently giving life your very best shot, never backing away from the challenges you encounter daily.

Greg Hickman You Can Get There From Here. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: September 15, 2003.

Who doesn’t like to feel like they know where they are going in life? It is a natural desire to feel comfortable with the direction one’s life is heading at any given time. After all, not knowing where you are going leads to feelings of instability, hesitancy and doubt — and they’re not good feelings to be sure.

Greg Hickman Something Is Missing. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: September 12, 2003.

All of us have experienced ‘one of those days’ when things just don’t seem quite right. You know how the story goes. All day long you feel out of sorts, out of sync and out of place. And although you cannot put a finger on it, something is definitely missing.

Greg Hickman Seeking Peace. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: September 11, 2003.

On this day we are reminded that the cost of freedom is always high. And that real peace comes with a price — many times an incalculable price. The pursuit of worldwide peace will always be an ever elusive goal, but a goal well worth pursuing and achieving.

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Passages by Category Passages by Month

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