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Power Up Passages

Passages by Category Passages by Month

Author Title Click to read
Greg Hickman Out of Courtesy. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 17, 2005.

When courtesy calls, are you quick to answer the call or do you sometimes choose to leave it unanswered instead? Not quite sure? Then maybe these questions will help you in making a better assessment. Are good manners, respect for others and common courtesy your ever-present calling cards or do you occasionally fall short in the all-important interpersonal skills department?

Greg Hickman Forever Footprints. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 12, 2005.

Why are we often prone to putting all sorts of things off, telling ourselves that we will get to them somewhere down the road — yet we somehow never seem to get to them? And even when it comes to those tasks that we desperately need to complete right now, life changing decisions that beg for immediate attention, why is it always so easy to postpone or delay action to a later date? Good questions to be sure; but questions without even one good answer. Not one! Sound eerily familiar?

Greg Hickman When Less Is More. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 7, 2005.

In what seems to be a never ending pursuit to have more, do more and be more, there sure are a lot of folks ending up with the short end of the stick. How in the world can that possibly be the case? After all, if we constantly set our sights on making the most of every moment, pushing ourselves well past our present boundaries, shouldn’t we be able to achieve more, accomplish more and attain more than ever before? Maybe yes; but then again, maybe no — and here’s why.

Greg Hickman Stand Out Performance. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 2, 2005.

Taking a stand can be more than a little risky these days. After all, it is generally a whole lot easier to just go with the flow and follow the rest of the pack, even when the crowd is headed in the wrong direction. It’s a sad reality that far too many folks tend to tag along for the ride, blindly following the lead of whoever happens to be out in front at any given time.

Greg Hickman Fortune Teller. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 27, 2005.

How would it feel to wake up one morning, without a trace of warning whatsoever, and discover that you had become a fortune teller overnight? And I’m not talking about some hocus pocus, dime a dozen, flim-flam artist plying his or her trade for a few bucks here and there; but the real deal — a fortune telling mystic capable of magically peering out into the distance and seeing what the future holds in store for you.

Greg Hickman Lift Here. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: June 7, 2004.

Have you ever found yourself feeling lower than low, buried deep down in the dumps, where you were desperately but unsuccessfully searching for someone or something to give yourself a much needed boost? Hey, don’t be afraid to admit it, we’ve all been there before. And while getting knocked down by life’s tumultuous twists and turns is a common occurrence for most of us, very few ever uncover the secret for quickly bouncing back from adversity — lifting themselves up by lifting those around them.

Greg Hickman Trouble Shooter. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: May 31, 2004.

Troubles, troubles, troubles; doesn’t it sometimes seem as if life is a never ending stream of nonstop problems? After all, you’ve got troubles over here and some troubles over there; troubles and more troubles popping up virtually everywhere. And as if having more than your fair share of troubling situations isn’t enough by itself, you’ve got to DEAL with this potpourri of problems. And that’s generally not a whole lot of fun.

Greg Hickman Now You See Them, Now You Don't.’t. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: May 14, 2004.

Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes. Some are bigger than others, while some are tougher to overcome than the rest. Yet like it or not, and there’s not a whole lot to like when you’re talking about life’s obstacles, they are as much a part a life as the air we breathe. Regardless of whether we see the obstacles that crop up daily as major problems or merely opportunities to put our best to the test, the manner in which we SEE them has a great deal to do with how we handle them.

Greg Hickman Writing Wrongs. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: May 13, 2004.

In spite of our best efforts, we all still somehow manage to make our fair share of mistakes. Some of us even make more than our fair share. At least it seems that way. As the miscues and missteps pile up all around us, it sometimes feels as though the proverbial road to the top is an endless array of potholes, detours and dead end streets.

Greg Hickman Almost. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: May 12, 2004.

How many times have you almost made something happen? I’m talking about all those occasions when you almost scaled the summit, almost made it to the top, almost made the grade, getting close enough to almost reach out and touch your goals — but didn’t. I’m willing to bet it’s been a whole bunch of times, right?

Greg Hickman Faith That Can Move Mountains. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: May 9, 2004.

Sooner or later we all reach a crossroads in our lives where we must decide which course we will follow: whether we will boldly blaze a pathway to a whole new level of achievement and happiness, taking a chance on making our lives everything we have dreamed they could be or instead simply choosing to stay right where we are right now. In these defining moments, when we stare our destinies right in the eye, will we choose to make all of those cherished dreams we hold close to our hearts come true or will we allow them to sadly slip from our grasp?

Greg Hickman Going With The Flow. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: March 31, 2004.

How many times have we heard someone say that we should just go with the flow? More times than we can remember, right? And while going with the flow isn’t likely to rock too many boats, will it take you where you’ve always dreamed of going? Maybe yes, and then again, maybe no — and here’s why.

Greg Hickman Why Fight The Feeling? Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: March 29, 2004.

Have you ever found yourself fighting a tempting feeling, giving it everything you’ve got to keep from giving in to that urge to do something you know you shouldn’t do? Of course you have; in fact, we all have from time to time. At these moments of truth, your level of self discipline determines which path you’ll take.

Greg Hickman Soul Survivor. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 25, 2004.

Have you ever experienced the sky high elation that comes from taking an inspirational idea that fires your soul and then meticulously forging a fabulous life adventure around it? Rather than allowing that super sensational idea to shrivel and die on the vine, you reached out and gave it a real go. Regardless of whether you took that idea and hit a home run or simply struck out, at least you had the courage to swing for the fence. Win or lose, you just knew that as long as you kept on swinging, sooner or later something good was bound to happen.

Greg Hickman Bulletin: Bored. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 23, 2004.

Have you ever found yourself completely bored stiff, thinking that today is shaping up to be just another lackluster, mind-numbing day? OK, who hasn’t on occasion? But the moment you start believing that any given day isn’t all that much different from any other snoozer of a loser; just another dreary dose of the same old, hum-drum stuff, you’ve got another think coming — or let’s at least hope that’s the case.

Greg Hickman Sparkle and Shine. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 22, 2004.

Not a day goes by that we do not hold inside ourselves an array of tiny yet powerful inner sparks; momentary flickers and flashes of innovative brilliance that can set our hearts ablaze with impassioned purpose if given even half a chance. And within each of these ideas, insights and moments of inspiration that capture our imagination lies a spark — a spontaneous ember of opportunity capable of bursting into a magnificent flame.

Greg Hickman Confidence Game. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 20, 2004.

In the hectic game of life, where our resolve and tenacity are relentlessly tested each and every day, there is no suitable substitute for a healthy dose of self confidence. Now, before we go too far on this topic, let’s make sure we’re all singing out of the same hymnal so to speak. We’re not talking about an ‘I’m better than you are’ arrogance that turns people off nor are we referring to a pompous attitude or pretentious approach to others. Not even close. That’s not self confidence; that’s just being self absorbed. And that type of snootiness isn’t likely to get you very far in the long run.

Greg Hickman Out of Sight. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 19, 2004.

In a world populated from one end to the other, where each of us occupies only an infinitely small space amidst a virtual human sea of six billion people, have you ever wondered why you’re here or pondered your distinct purpose on earth? Of course you have, we all have from time to time. And even though we are just one, we can make a world of difference if we’re willing to give ourselves a chance to not only discover our true purpose, but to live our lives fulfilling our purpose on earth.

Greg Hickman Just Scratching The Surface. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 18, 2004.

Have you ever had what seems to be an uncontrollable ‘itch’ to do something; an almost overwhelming desire that just won’t go away? Even when you do your best to pay no heed to that incessant itch, it just keeps coming back time and time again. This persistent, consistent, resistant itch refuses to let go until you finally give in and give that something a try.

Greg Hickman Finishing Kick. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: February 11, 2004.

Are you a finisher, the special kind of person who gets in there and gets the job done or are you just another in a long line of people who can never seem to finish what you start? Hey, let’s face it; it’s not easy being a finisher. After all, most folks discover that just getting started is hard enough all by itself. But a person who persistently lacks the self-motivation to start is already finished — end of the story. Yet the ability to consistently stick with a project and see it all the way through to completion is another story altogether; a story that fewer and fewer of us are getting to live.

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Passages by Category Passages by Month

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