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Power Up Passages

Passages by Category Passages by Month

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Greg Hickman Goal Posts. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 15, 2007.

A lot of people profess to having goals, those things they wish to do, obtain and experience in their lifetimes. They occasionally talk about their goals and even picture them in their minds every so often, yet very few among them ever take the time to put their goals in writing. Oh sure, their goals are out there somewhere, but out there they remain because these individuals never make the effort to put their most cherished dreams and desires in writing.

Greg Hickman Flying High. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 14, 2007.

Have you ever noticed those dynamic, super charged people who always seem to be up, even when everyone else seems mired deep down in the dumps? Regardless of whatever that happens to be going on in their lives — be it good, bad or somewhere in between — these confident, self-assured winners keep their heads up while constantly exuding an upbeat and optimistic air about them.

Greg Hickman Tough Enough. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 9, 2007.

Life can be pretty tough on occasion. Every day we encounter a wide array of problems and obstacles that we must deal with; some more difficult than others. And continually rising up to meet and defeat the challenges presented is easier said than done.

Greg Hickman Working Things Out. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 8, 2007.

To hear some people talk, you would think work is a dirty four letter word. There are some people who habitually avoid work like the plague, as if scared to death that they may actually have to get their hands dirty or maybe even break a sweat. They don’t want to work… and rarely do. And then there are others who actually go to work and do their jobs — but hate the work they’re doing. But there’s one thing for certain, neither one sets the world on fire.

Greg Hickman Honest To Goodness. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: January 4, 2007.

Honesty is always the best policy. Most of us have heard this ageless expression from the time we were tiny tots. The lesson to be learned from this axiom was as simple as it was straight-forward: if we would simply tell the truth, no matter the costs, we would come out ahead in the long run.

Greg Hickman Not A Chance. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: December 27, 2006.

Have you ever been told that there’s no chance that you’ll accomplish something that you fervently desire? Most of us have at one time or another. And it’s not a good feeling when someone you know shoots you down before you have an opportunity to make something happen.

Greg Hickman When A Little Means A Lot. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: December 26, 2006.

It seems we live in a world where bigger is always better. In a world dominated by commercials and advertisements extolling the virtues of bigger televisions, bigger automobiles and even bigger meals, who wouldn’t think bigger is always better. And who amongst us wouldn’t like a bigger bank account, bigger house or a bigger salary? The bigger, the better. But is bigger always better?

Greg Hickman Waste Deep. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: December 25, 2006.

If there is one thing most of us have become too proficient at doing, it is wasting our time. We waste time here and we waste time there; in fact, we waste time virtually everywhere. All too often we fritter away a good portion of the day, squandering precious minutes at work, home and play. We even waste time worrying and fretting over things that haven’t occurred.

Greg Hickman Nothing Matters. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: December 23, 2006.

When it comes down to taking charge and taking chances, there are generally three types of people. There are those that quickly pull the trigger when opportunity presents itself. Rather than waiting for the perfect time or the perfect place to make their move, these rare but highly motivated folks seize the moment and act — right then, right there. As a result, they are counted among the select few who fulfill their dreams by making things happen daily.

Greg Hickman Drawing Your Own Conclusions. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: December 19, 2006.

Few can argue that a regular exercise regimen can keep us fit and enhance the quality of our lives. When we work out, we feel better and look better. Yet there is one type of exercise that we should avoid at all costs. And what’s that one exercise? It’s ‘jumping to conclusions.’

Greg Hickman Out of Desperation. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: December 8, 2006.

There are few feelings on earth as unsettling as the overwhelming hopelessness that desperation can foster within us. If you have never experienced the frightening doom and gloom despair of quiet desperation, where hope and optimism seem all but lost, count yourself among the lucky few.

Greg Hickman Early Bird Special. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: December 4, 2006.

How many times have we heard the well-worn expression ‘better late than never’? More than a handful, that’s for sure. But when do we usually hear it — and from whom? Generally we hear the phrase from those individuals who have waited and waited to do something that needs to be done and we invariably hear it made at the very last minute.

Greg Hickman Start To Finish. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: November 27, 2006.

Life is not nearly as complicated as we make it on occasion. A bit difficult and challenging every so often? Yes. There’s no doubt that each day presents us a new set of challenges that test our resolve and tax our determination. Sometimes we rise to the occasion and tackle the problems presented and sometimes we don’t — and the problems tackle us. But is life really all that complicated? No way.

Greg Hickman Live to Give. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: November 21, 2006.

Living the life you desire requires a healthy dose of purpose and passion, with a little perspiration tossed in for good measure. After all, enjoying the good life — where your days abound with the very best life has to offer — never comes easy. Or does it? I guess that depends on whom you ask.

Greg Hickman Get Over Yourself. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: November 15, 2006.

Life is truly a blessing. Each dawning day provides a brand new opportunity to make the most of the talents you have been given. But squeezing all the good you can out of each and every day requires that you get proficient at overcoming the obstacles encountered daily. And that means getting very good at getting over anything and everything that stands in your way.

Greg Hickman Do Something. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: November 14, 2006.

November 14, 2006.

In a world where too many people make something out of nothing far too often, there is an appalling lack of go getters going out and getting it done. It is truly amazing how we all too frequently blow little things out of proportion and make mountains out of mole hills yet cannot seem to get around to doing the things that need to get done.

Greg Hickman Getting Even. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: November 13, 2006.

To some folks, life is a game of getting even. It seems that whenever fate deals them a particularly lousy hand or when things don’t go their way, they look for ways to get even with whomever they believe crossed them. Instead of looking for ways to get better, they waste their time trying to even the score. You can do better.

Greg Hickman More Power To You. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: November 7, 2006.

Life can throw us some wicked curveballs every now and again. Big time problems that emerge out of nowhere, appearing almost insurmountable at first blush, can make even the toughest amongst us tremble with fear and uncertainty on occasion.

Greg Hickman Go There, Do That. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: November 6, 2006.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the catchphrase “been there, done that” came into vogue. By voicing the overworked cliché, the speaker let anyone listening know that he or she had been down that road before.

Greg Hickman Unnecessary Roughness. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: November 5, 2006.

As you make your way down life’s winding road, you’ll encounter an array of defining moments where choices must be made and decisions rendered, oftentimes in the blink of an eye. Sometimes you make the right choice, sometimes the wrong one.

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Passages by Category Passages by Month

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