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Power Up Passages

Passages by Category Passages by Month

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Greg Hickman Know Pain, Know Gain. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: July 18, 2008.

No pain, no gain. How many times have we heard this oft-repeated adage? More than a handful, that's for sure. But what does it really mean? In a nutshell, this saying reminds us that we're going to experience some rough times and tough moments as we make our way through life. No doubt about it, we're going to stumble, maybe even take a tumble or two somewhere along the way. And it's going to hurt whenever we fall.

Greg Hickman It's About Time. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: July 16, 2008.

If you asked a hundred people to name their most valuable asset, you would surely get a wide variety of responses. Some would name their home as their most prized possession, while others might mention their car. A few more would argue that cash in the bank should be put at the top the list. Stock portfolios, real estate investments, retirement plans and the like would undoubtedly also make the grade.

Greg Hickman Knowing Where You're Going. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: July 15, 2008.

Life can take us down a number of roads throughout our lifetimes. Some of these roads are prosperous thoroughfares, paved with happiness and fulfillment. And some are potholed marred side streets, lined with sadness, sorrow and mediocrity. If we take the wrong road, we can end up in the wrong place. That is why getting on the right road in life is vitally important, especially if we're going to get where we truly want to go.

Greg Hickman Let Me Out! Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: July 13, 2008.

Ever get the uneasy feeling that you're stuck in a rut, going nowhere particularly fast? You see others roaring right past you, having the time of their lives, and you wish you could join in on all of the fun. You want to do better, you want to get moving, but you feel stuck, trapped, completely fenced in. And you don't know what to do; you don't know where to turn.

Greg Hickman Under The Influence. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: July 12, 2008.

If there's one thing for certain nowadays, it's that way too many of us are presently under the influence... of others. That's right, many of us unknowingly live each day under the influence of those all around us. Worried about what others may think, we alter the way we act. Anxious about what others may say, we modify the way we think.

Greg Hickman Matter of Opinion. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: July 10, 2008.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Regardless of whether these opinions are right or wrong or somewhere in between, people and their opinions abound. And that's OK. Like it or not, people are going to form their own opinions on all sorts of things. Unfortunately, sometimes their opinions spill over into our lives.

Greg Hickman When You're Hot, You're Not. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: July 9, 2008.

How many times have you blown your top, having allowed your emotions to get the best of you? In all likelihood, probably more times than you can possibly remember. Did losing your temper make things better or make you feel better about yourself? Did giving someone else a piece of your mind really accomplish anything worthwhile? Of course not.

Greg Hickman Open Season. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: July 8, 2008.

Life is a limitless spectrum of untapped potential. Regardless of where we find ourselves today, opportunity abounds. It's everywhere we look, everywhere we turn. Yet somehow, some way, many of us never see it; never seize it. Too busy whining and complaining about the lack of opprtunity in our own lives, we never tap into the bountiful wealth all around us.

Greg Hickman Making A You Turn. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: July 3, 2008.

How's it going today? Is life treating you well? Are you making the most of the day at hand, fully immersing yourself in all of the fun, happiness and excitement life offers up? And are you living the life you love and loving the life you live? I certainly hope so, because you deserve to have the time of your life each and every day.

Greg Hickman Here We Go Again. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: July 2, 2008.

Life is a game of chance. First chances, second chances, even third, fourth and fifth chances abound. All sorts of chances are there for the taking. Yet too many people never get around to taking that first chance. Worried about making a mistake or taking a wrong turn, they stay stuck in neutral, never really giving life a good go.

Greg Hickman All of the Above. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: July 1, 2008.

Have you ever dreamed of having more prosperity, possessing more wealth and attaining more success than you presently enjoy? Sure you have, we all have at one time or another.

Greg Hickman Beyond Compare. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: June 23, 2008.

Most of us have a tendency to compare ourselves to others. We compare what we have and don't have to what others have obtained. We compare what we have accomplished or failed to achieve to the heights reached by others. And we compare where we are in life as it relates to those around us.

Greg Hickman Dare To Go There. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: June 22, 2008.

Helen Keller once said, "Life is a daring adventure - or nothing." I couldn't agree more. Life should be a rousing, exhilarating, breath taking adventure ride where we constantly push ourselves to the limit, always seeking to do more, see more and be more.

Greg Hickman Spicing Things Up. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: June 20, 2008.

How's your day going? Is it a stimulating, invigorating, almost intoxicating thrill-a-minute adventure ride... or maybe something a little less exhilarating, a little less exciting? Are you thoroughly enjoying yourself right now, having the time of your life all day long... or are you basically waiting for the day to finally come to an end, scarcely going through the motions?

Greg Hickman Pushing Your Luck. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: June 19, 2008.

What kind of luck have you been having this week, this month, this year? Has it been good luck, bad luck or maybe no luck at all? If you're like most folks, it's some combination of the three. Some days you're lucky, some days you're not.

Greg Hickman Create Your Own Fate. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: June 17, 2008.

Many people relegate their fate to outside forces, choosing to allow chance and circumstance to dictate what they will or won't have in life. Rather than taking charge of where they are and where they're headed, they simply allow the chips to fall wherever they may.

Greg Hickman Scratching Your Itch To Get Rich. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: June 15, 2008.

Do you have an itch to get rich, to make your life everything you have dreamed it could be and more? I'm not necessarily talking about having a lot of money, but about having more of the good things in life. More happiness, more joy, more meaning; more of all of the things that make life more fulfilling, more rewarding, more satisfying.

Greg Hickman There's No Business Like Show Business. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: June 9, 2008.

Talk is cheap. In fact, it's cheaper than cheap. People all over the place constantly blather on and on about what they're going to do. They're not actually interested in doing it mind you, but rather talking a good game instead. They chatter about how they're going to do this; they blather about how they're going to do that. Blah-blah-blah-blah.

Greg Hickman Just Beginning. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: June 8, 2008.

As the sun rises in the morning sky, casting its radiant brilliance across the land, we are collectively blessed with a brand new day. And this new day brings with it a new chance to live the life we desire, a new opportunity to make our lives richer and more rewarding.

Greg Hickman Digging Deep. Click Here for Passage
Description of Story: June 5, 2008.

Sometimes life feels like a constant uphill struggle, where we are constantly compelled to overcome an ongoing assortment of difficulties; one right after the other. This steady pounding can leave us feeling mentally beat and physically exhausted.

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Passages by Category Passages by Month

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