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Your Pride Never Hides.

" It is equally a mistake to hold one's self too high, or to rate one's self too cheap."
- Johann Von Goethe -

We’d like to extend a POWER PACKED welcome to each and every one of you. We’re really excited and appreciative that you have elected to join our growing list of subscribers to the Motivational and Inspirational Corner Newsletter. If you’re a new subscriber or even if you have been with us for years, we encourage you to check out some of our back issues by clicking Past Issues of the Motivational and Inspirational Corner Newsletter.

All right, let’s get started. This month we're going to talk about taking a great deal of pride in who you are and what you do in life.

We all have our pride. We were born with it and we carry it with us throughout our lives. Our pride never forsakes or abandons us, even for a few fleeting moments. It stays with us and covers every aspect of our lives.

As individuals, we can take pride in who we are and what we accomplish each and every day. As parents, we can take a great deal of pride in our children and their children. As Americans, we can be very proud of our country and be especially proud to be called an American. Pride is truly a personal commitment that separates excellence from mediocrity, proudly proclaiming who we are and what we stand for.

"Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings."
- Samuel Johnson -

No matter how hard you try to bury it and regardless of how long you have neglected it, your pride is still burning strong. Every person longs for the unparalleled feeling of self satisfaction that comes from a job well done. There are few better feelings than knowing you did your best and by doing so, you completed the goals and objectives you set for yourself. You should never feel ashamed about taking a great deal of personal pride in your accomplishments.

Winners in every walk of life suffer no shortage of self confidence and never lack for self esteem. They take great pride in knowing that when there is a job to be done, they are the ones that can be counted on to do it – and do it right.

When we talk of taking pride in yourself, we are not talking about an arrogant, boastful, conceited or pompous "I am better than you attitude." Far from it.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, "Fame usually comes to those who were thinking about something else." A winner eschews the superficial gratification that comes from self indulgent bragging about his or her accomplishments.

People rarely need to ask the winners what they stand for, since winners let their actions do the talking, not their words. A winner takes pride in himself or herself, knowing full well that this pride is the driving force behind his or her inner strength.

You should be proud of who you are, you should be proud of where you are going, you should take pride in the way you treat other people and should never, ever compromise what you firmly believe is right. You need to do the things that you know need to be done, say the things that need to be said and be the person that you need to be.

Your pride runs deep and strong and true. It never hides or takes a day off. And neither should you.

"Take pride in how far you have come, have faith in how far you can go."
- Author Unknown -

Greg Hickman
Wishing you a super sensational day!

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