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Over Wait.

With one year behind us and another new year dawning, this is the time of season when a variety of new year’s resolutions are made by many. Unfortunately, many of the resolutions, although entered into with good intentions, fade as quickly as they were made.

One resolution that most of us could probably use this time of year would be to lose some of the unwanted wait. Yes, by the way, I did spell it correctly. Far too many of us spend far too much of our time waiting on this and waiting on that. We do need to learn how to lose the wait.

Winners love the feeling of being over wait. After all, winners hate to wait for anyone or anything. In fact, winners refuse to wait. They realize that waiting serves no purpose other than needlessly delaying the fulfillment of their dreams and the realization of their goals. Waiting prevents each and every one of us from being our best and doing our best.

Since the true power performers always shoot for the very best of everything, waiting has no place in their lives. Winners understand that time is their MVP -- their most valuable possession. Winning and waiting is like trying to mix oil and water. Try as you might, they simply do not go together.

When you want to win at anything, you can never afford to wait on anything or any body. If you are willing to wait, you can never win. That is precisely why it is imperative that you lose the wait in your life.

Just imagine how wonderful your life will be when there is no more waiting allowed. Instead of waiting around for good things to happen, you are out there making good things happen by enjoying and living each day to its fullest potential.

How it would it feel to live every day with purpose and passion, living the life you deserve, doing your best and being your best? It would feel great and you can make it happen right now!

By losing the wait, you can reach your goal of living a life filled with more excitement, more energy and more adventure than you ever dreamed was possible. When you decide to go all out every day and make the most of every moment, then your wait for the best life has to offer will be over. I bet you never imagined that being over wait could feel so great.

To help you get in the swing of things, here are some "wait lifting" exercises that you can use to lose any unwanted "wait" right now.

1. Establish a game plan for your life. The very first step involved in losing the wait is to compile a concise list of anything and everything that you want to accomplish in life. Then establish a game plan for making your list of dreams come true. You should continue to modify both your list and your game plan for achieving your goals.

2. Establish a time table for achievement of your goals. Once you know where you want to go, you need to realistically determine how long it will take you to get there. Your time table shouldn't be so aggressive that you can not possibly reach it, but it should be sufficiently challenging so that you must work at peak efficiency to get there. Once you have established the time table for achieving you goals, then go for the gold with everything you've got.

3. Always work on worthwhile goals. We have constantly encouraged you to do the things that you love to do. Your life should be patterned in such a way that you are free to pursue your passions. When you are fervently working on things that you love to do, your purpose and passion will drive you to complete your goals faster that you ever dreamed possible.

4. Get started right now. The hardest part of any journey is the first step. Don't wait around, go ahead and get that first step behind you right now. When you show the courage to take these necessary first steps, you step into a future you have always longed to live.

5. Never ever quit. It has always been way to easy to give up when things do not go your way. How can you expect to win if you are unwilling to persevere when the going gets tough? A winner never quits and a quitter never wins. When you quit, you immediately go all the way back to square one and lose any time you have previously invested in the game plan. Rather than quit, you should find a better way and keep moving forward towards the realization of your dreams.

6. Don't stop. While it is OK and even advisable to take periodic breaks to rest and recharge, please make certain that you never completely stop the momentum you have established. When you stop, you needlessly delay your date with destiny. You need to keep all of the positive momentum you have developed working in your favor at all times.

When you get into a regular wait lifting routine, you’ll quickly lose the wait for good.

Greg Hickman
Wishing you a super sensational day!

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