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Power Performance Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Power Performance Affiliate Program?
The Affiliate Program is a rewards program in which you earn healthy commissions every time one of your referrals buys something from our site.

What are the Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate?
  • Earn 35% commissions on sales generated from your site. We pay on time, every month, every time!
  • Earn 5% second tier commissions on sales generated from your customers. We pay on time, every month, every time!
  • You don't just earn a commission on one sale, you earn a residual commission on every subsequent purchase by that customer.
  • We constantly sell for you on the back end making sure that your customers continue to earn you money.
  • Partner with a trusted authority and leading name in the self-development field. By placing our articles on your site or in your newsletter, you add valuable content for your visitors and readers.
How do I become an affiliate?
It's a simple process: Read the Affiliate Agreement, fill out the simple application, and you'll be notified via email (in just a few minutes) about how to link to us and start earning money. Once your application has been accepted, we'll provide you with all the tools you need to get selling!

Does it cost anything to become an Affiliate?
There is no cost in becoming affiliated with The Motivational and Inspirational Corner. All that's required is that you complete the Affiliate Application, agree to our terms and conditions and be approved by us.

What kind of income can I expect?
The amount you earn depends on the type of people who visit your site, how many visitors you receive monthly and how much exposure you give the link to our site. Exposure is key! Sites that have links to us in many places throughout their web sites will do MUCH better than sites that only have a small link or just one link throughout their site. We cannot emphasize how important exposure is to the success of your campaign.

Personal endorsements are clearly the most effective. When you tell others in your own words about the benefits of being part of Power Performance Affiliate Program, you will have even better results than a simple link.

What's required to become an Affiliate?
  • An approved application (we will check out your site/publication for appropriateness).
  • Your acceptance of our terms and conditions.
  • A web site and/or ezine.
  • We're looking for quality web sites that will promote our services. Your web site must be "live" and generating traffic when your application is submitted. Your web site cannot contain content that could be classified as unsuitable. Unsuitable content includes (but is not limited to) that which is pornographic, defamatory, harassing, harmful, obscene, racially objectionable or unlawful in nature.
  • You must use the exact code that is provided for links, without modification.
How do you go about promoting the Power Performance products?
Promoting the Power Performance product line and earning commissions that result in sales is easy. You can select from our wide variety of promotions, ads, articles and other links, and place them on your site, in your newsletter, etc. Or, you can create your own endorsements or recommendations, for higher conversion rates.

Do I need a web site?
Although it's possible to promote the Power Performance products without a web site, it makes sense to have one. If you have an active newsletter with at least a thousand subscribers, you may recommend our membership program through it and generate traffic that way. However, we strongly encourage that you have a web site. For design, development and hosting of your web site, we recommend WebWize, Inc.

Do I need my own domain name?
No. Even people using free home page sites can participate. All you need is a web page, whether it is free or not, and you can link to us from it. From a business standpoint, however, we recommend getting your own domain.

What is meant by a two-tier or sub-affiliate program?
Every affiliate is a first-level (also known as a tier one) affiliate. When you enroll someone (or one of your Power Performance customers becomes an affiliate), they become your sub-affiliate. You'll earn a (second-level) commission of 5% on their sales as well.

To apply for your affiliate status, CLICK BECOME AN AFFILIATE NOW.

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